Hello guys! i ran into this project, few weeks back and I feel I should let you know about it. Having gone through the whitepaper and carried out some other background research about the project, I have decided to let you know about the DECOIN project.


In 2009, Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency was created. Many never believed that the bitcoin will survive till today. Few years later other cryptocurrencies started popping out from different angles and today, the cryptocurrency market is worth over 300 billion USD in capitalization.

The number of cryptocurrency investors, enthusiast and holders has increased over the years and more people are still going to be part of this revolution; this means that the crypto market capitalization will soon grow beyond what it is today.


Despite the acceptance that cryptocurrency has enjoyed globally, it is still quite difficult spending it. There are lots of cryptocurrency holders who do not have a means of spending their money and this is not good for and innovation that is seen as “the future of money”.

I have a friend who bought a particular cryptocurrency in 2016 and as at today the value of his money is worth over 70,000 USD but he can’t use it for anything because it can only be exchanged on a peer to peer basis and nobody is willing to buy it. This is a major challenge faced by many cryptocurrency holders today; they do not have a means of spending their cryptocurrency.

The reason why most individuals have not yet subscribed to the crypto movement is simply because they cannot imagine having money without being able to use it to buy a cup of coffee from the coffee shop around their neighborhood or even use it to buy stuffs from a mall. The cryptocurrency market will experience a great boom if cryptocurrency holders can have a means of spending their cryptocurrency, believe me it will attract more people to the cryptocurrency industry. This is exactly one of the challenges the DECOIN TRADING AND EXCHANGE PLATFORM (D-TEP) is designed to solve. Let’s quickly consider how the DECOIN platform plans to solve this challenge.


The DECOIN platform is a blockchain enabled trading and exchange platform designed by a team of professionals who has seen the major challenges faced by cryptocurrency holders and traders and has decided to bring a lasting solution to those challenges.

To solve the above challenge of not having a means of spending ones cryptocurrency, the DECOIN team has designed five types of credit cards with different benefits to enable DECOIN holders spend their coin in selected stores and entertainment centers. The coin holders will also enjoy reduction in the cost of the item they are purchasing whenever they use the DECOIN CREDIT CARD. With the DECOIN credit card, the challenge of having money in your wallet without having an avenue to spend it will be totally eliminated; this is simply the first of its kind!

You can be part of this great innovation by joining the ICO which is presently ongoing!

For more information about the DECOIN project, you can visit the essential links below:


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