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Welcome to a new world of ease in your automobile sale or purchase, its crypto and its easy, just choose AUTOBLOCK.  Choose AUTOBLOCK, CHOOSE EASE.

Money they say makes the world go round, and having a good way to spend your money without hassles is worth some joy right! Exchange has gone through major improvement over the years, a lot has changed in our world due to the impact of technology on our society.  Since the introduction of computer and the World Wide Web, a lot has really changed, it has affected our way of life as a people and has created new ways by which we do business and new approach to life.

It’s amazing how much change has occurred over the years, from trade by batter to exchange using Gold to the use of fiat money. You should also understand that these improvement has had their challenges but that’s not the purpose of this wright up.

The introduction of the Blockchain technology has also been a very welcomed improvement in exchange. We have witnessed the emergence of different crypto currencies over the years. We have a lot of people storming the crypto market due to serious rise in price of some currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum etc. The crypto market has really evolved with the net worth of over 700 billion dollars, that’s so much money, it tells you that the market has really done well in a short time, but you see there is really nothing with advantages that is without disadvantages, and the crypto market has its own share of this side of life.


  • The volatility of the market due to the unimaginable rise and fall of the currencies. The market can be highly unstable, it’s also has a lot of price manipulations going on.
  • The activities of cybercriminals has also been a challenge, people have lost lots of money due to the attack of hackers.
  • It also has a challenge in delays in transactions, it sometime takes almost forever to verify identity during transaction. Etc.
  • It’s also faces the challenges of exchange since we don’t have organizations that accept crypto currency for goods.


Now I think this will excite you as you don’t have to worry on how to get that car of your choice with your crypto currency. Autoblock may not be able to solve all the problems the crypto market has but one thing I know is that you won’t have problems purchasing that car of your choice, and also selling of your car for crypto currencies online.                               Let me introduce you to AUTOBLOCK, a whole new world of automobile transaction with crypto currency. AUTOBLOCK is a platform that enables you to purchase the car of your choice with crypto currency, it also enables you to sells your for crypto currency. AUTOBLOCK is a very user friendly platform that links buyers and sellers of automobile using crypto currency as the medium of their exchange. This platform uses AUTO COIN and this coin is easily changed from any crypto currency on the platform. This sound just so exciting for me. The AUTO COIN can also be traded on order platforms, meaning you can purchase and sell the coin directly on other platforms.

This platform uses Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence tech to get the accurate detail of cars e.g. car history previous owner etc.  You don’t really have to search Google for the detail of your choice automobile as some information can be misleading. AUTOBLOCK has a lot more to offer. Vuala! Welcome to a new world of ease in your automobile sales or purchase, its crypto and its easy, just choose AUTOBLOCK.  Choose AUTOBLOCK, CHOOSE EASE.

Why not partner with this project by buying into its ICO. You have a lot to gain.  https://www.theautoblock.com/

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Whitepaper    ANN Thread

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Hello guys! Am so sorry I came across this project pretty late but I felt it will be good if I can quickly run a review on it before the end of the ICO so that you won’t miss out on this wonderful project. I see the HORYOUTOKEN project as one that will cut across all generations because of the positive effect it is bound to have on the society at large.

Before the advent of the internet, connecting with our loved ones was not so easy, sometimes we have to wait till Holiday seasons like the Christmas season before we could connect with our loved ones but today via the help of the social media or networks like Facebook it has become so easy for us to keep tab with friends and family members on a daily basis. If you ask me, I will say that the social networks we have today has actually done more harm than good to the society, there are a lot promotion of negative vices, the system is highly polarized and the activities going on in these platforms are self-centered; everyone is in pursuit of his own personal gratification which is not good.

I believe that the world will be a better place when people start caring for each other, when everyone is so concerned about the well-being of the next person, when people can comfortably share ideas and help each other become a better person. For this to be achieved, a platform where people can be connected for this purpose is needed. If the world can have a blockchain-based platform or a social network of this nature, believe me it will help in fostering social good which is in line with the United Nations 17 sustainable development goal (SDG); it will help to bring true change to people’s life and eliminate self-centeredness. HORYOU is that platform that will make the positive difference in social network.


HORYOU is a blockchain platform created to make the world live peacefully and also help in making the United Nations Sustainable development goals (SDG) a reality. The platform was created to promote social good. It will be community of individuals, organizations and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to help make social good a way of life.

Sustainable development goal (SDG) can only be 100% possible when everyone comes together on a decentralized platform like HORYOU for the sole aim of social good; living life not just for us but to see smile on the faces of others. HORYOU social network will serve as an ecosystem where users will inspire each other via their social good and actions. Also, as a user on this platform, you can support the social good done by others; this is just to make the world a better place for all of us.

The HORYOU platform has a utility token known as HORYOUTOKEN which is an ERC-20 token. This token will be used for most of the transactions on the HORYOU platform especially the support of social good which is the main objective of this platform.

The HORYOU platform has been in existence for about 5 years now with over 250,000 users and 1500 organizations cutting across several countries of the world; this proofs to you that this project is not a joke and the team behind it has been doing a great work.

Earn cool cash from being a game lover (Developer & player)


I remember scoring so much points on a game years ago, truth be told most times then I wished I could just convert the score to real time cash for spending, also i remember that most of these games represented their scores in dollars, that made it worse for me, its just like given you an insatiable thirst, can you imagine so much score and nothing to really earn from it. Do you know there are people who spend more than half of their day playing a particular game just to pass a particular stage! Just imagine that you are being rewarded for passing each stage , hmmm my my my.

Over the years, developers has been faced with the challenge of getting feedback from their consumers, the same way most consumer has always wished to communicate with their game developers, reason being that some consumers has unique specifications running through their heads and if they had access to the developers of this games, it will go a long way in giving satisfaction to the consumer even as it could lead to a strategic open window for the developers. We must understand that most times consumers experience a cognitive dissonance which is an after purchase effect, it will be to the advantage of the developers if they can review the cause of this dissatisfaction.

Are you an upcoming game developer, and have been thinking of a fast way to get your game out there to consumers? Are you also thinking of the fastest way to earn from your developed game?  Do you love gaming and would like to take it to the next level where you can earn from it? Worry no more.


 Let me introduce to you a whole new world of gaming experience, where everybody (Developers & Player) is opened to an undeniable mouthwatering opportunities. It’s called GAMELOOT NETWORK (GLN)GAMELOOT NETWORK is a platform that rewards both game developers and game players, hmm this means good bye to the days of playing and developing games without reward. Gameloot network rewards its participants with loot tokens on its platform for participating i.e. as a member of gameloot network, you get rewarded for creating games, and for playing games etc. your scores on the gameloot network platform is rewarded with loot tokens which is convertible to legal tender.

Gameloot network platform has a lot of packages to offer, it has been able to create a community of gamers round the world in such a way that you already have a market before its release date. Because of this huge market and communication link created by GLN between developers and player on the GLN platform, it’s easy for the players to give their feedbacks to the developers directly, it also allow the player to get their desired specified features in a short time. Imagine a platform where you are being paid for your activities on the GLN platform.

This platform also enables you to create your own game on its platform, wow I can only imagine the advantages this has brought to our society, gamers now have a future, it’s no more a waste of time, young people can now dream beyond their rooms, just think of it, you are in your room in London playing game with a game developer in Australia, ooooooh my, I see a world of possibilities. Also know that you have an opportunity to win live prices on the GLN platform and lots more.

Why don’t you partner with this project by joining the ICO .   https://gamelootnetwork.com/                                            



White paper :  https://0ed5f89f718b.dev.daviann.com/assets/documents/gameloot-whitepaper.pdf 

Authors Details :

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Hello guys! i ran into this project, few weeks back and I feel I should let you know about it. Having gone through the whitepaper and carried out some other background research about the project, I have decided to let you know about the DECOIN project.


In 2009, Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency was created. Many never believed that the bitcoin will survive till today. Few years later other cryptocurrencies started popping out from different angles and today, the cryptocurrency market is worth over 300 billion USD in capitalization.

The number of cryptocurrency investors, enthusiast and holders has increased over the years and more people are still going to be part of this revolution; this means that the crypto market capitalization will soon grow beyond what it is today.


Despite the acceptance that cryptocurrency has enjoyed globally, it is still quite difficult spending it. There are lots of cryptocurrency holders who do not have a means of spending their money and this is not good for and innovation that is seen as “the future of money”.

I have a friend who bought a particular cryptocurrency in 2016 and as at today the value of his money is worth over 70,000 USD but he can’t use it for anything because it can only be exchanged on a peer to peer basis and nobody is willing to buy it. This is a major challenge faced by many cryptocurrency holders today; they do not have a means of spending their cryptocurrency.

The reason why most individuals have not yet subscribed to the crypto movement is simply because they cannot imagine having money without being able to use it to buy a cup of coffee from the coffee shop around their neighborhood or even use it to buy stuffs from a mall. The cryptocurrency market will experience a great boom if cryptocurrency holders can have a means of spending their cryptocurrency, believe me it will attract more people to the cryptocurrency industry. This is exactly one of the challenges the DECOIN TRADING AND EXCHANGE PLATFORM (D-TEP) is designed to solve. Let’s quickly consider how the DECOIN platform plans to solve this challenge.


The DECOIN platform is a blockchain enabled trading and exchange platform designed by a team of professionals who has seen the major challenges faced by cryptocurrency holders and traders and has decided to bring a lasting solution to those challenges.

To solve the above challenge of not having a means of spending ones cryptocurrency, the DECOIN team has designed five types of credit cards with different benefits to enable DECOIN holders spend their coin in selected stores and entertainment centers. The coin holders will also enjoy reduction in the cost of the item they are purchasing whenever they use the DECOIN CREDIT CARD. With the DECOIN credit card, the challenge of having money in your wallet without having an avenue to spend it will be totally eliminated; this is simply the first of its kind!

You can be part of this great innovation by joining the ICO which is presently ongoing!

For more information about the DECOIN project, you can visit the essential links below:


Web | Whitepaper | Ann | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Linkedin |Telegram



Some time ago Sony lost over a 100million dollars when their play station company got hacked. Please also take note that apart from the financial records of organizations been hacked, there are other ways an organization can be hacked.

I remember Computer is one of the best things that has happened to our world, it’s a blessing to this generation. Wouldn’t want to imagine what our world would be like without the internet, people can literally live their lives indoors, thanks to God for the World Wide Web. We now have our local communities on the World Wide Web on different cyber spaces, its amazing right!  This has helped improved the ways we do business as a people round the world, no business can truly go global without the internet.  Little businesses has gone global with the help of the internet, these day most businesses has a bigger market online compare to their local user. I would like to call this innovation by which the internet is used for business, E BUSINESS.  As we all know, anything with so much advantages would in one way have its disadvantages. Remember that most businesses does most of their financial transactions online, not just that, they also save vital information as regards customers and financial records online and these things makes them vulnerable to hackers. Hackers can also penetrate systems through the internet.

Hackers has been one of the biggest challenges of introducing the internet to our businesses. Yeah they attack your cyber space. Lots of money has been lost over the years because of these attacks.

Effects of Cyber Attacks on Business

These effects are grouped into three;

  1. ECONOMIC EFFECT: like I said earlier most financial records of this organizations is kept online and also these organizations does most of their financial transactions online, as a result they stand a huge risk to be hacked by hackers. Billions of dollars has been lost already by organizations. Airtime recharge card of a telecommunication company was hacked some years ago, they lost lots of money. Losses like these can lead to folding of businesses, a negative name for the organization as regards to their financial premise, loss of contracts. etc.
  2. REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE: Trust is an essential factor in maintaining customer relationship, just imagine how you will feel if you find out that personal information about your life got out via your bank, hmmm not a good thought I guess. Cyber-attacks can cause a huge damage to your business reputation which will definitely lead to trust issues with your customer, remember the loss of one customer is the loss one million customers. This in turn can lead to   Loss of customers   2. A diminishing return on sales    3. Reduction in profit.   The effect of reputational damage can lead to a huge negative effect on your suppliers, partners, investors and other stake holders as no one can trust your organization anymore.
  3. Legal: Also don’t forget that according to law you will be punished for letting out information about customers and employees except you are permitted by the individuals involved.


The way out

Over the years different organizations has tried their best in fighting these attacks, some employed hackers to help them check their cyber space from time to time while some employ the service of a counter cyber-attack companies, truth be told, some of this method has worked but it only favored bigger organizations because small firms could not afford this services, some of this firms charge per hour, attacks or no attacks.

Good news guys, you don’t have to worry about cyber-attacks anymore, yes there’s no need to worry because there is a more effective and affordable way out, it’s called BUGLAB. With BUGLAB you don’t have to worry, all you need to do is register your business with BUGLAB platform and BUGLAB will serve as a WATCH DOG for your cyber space. Remember it’s the cheapest and most reliable way to protect your business from cyber-attack.


BUGLAB is a cyber-security platform that helps organization (big or small) with fighting cyber-attacks etc. The beauty about Buglab is that they don’t just fight attacks, they are proactive i.e. the prevent cyber-attacks. Buglab platform checks for loop holes on business apps, website, every of the organizational cyber space etc. by turning penetration test services into a competition. This is how it works, Buglab has lots of hackers called pentesters(penetration testers) registered as part of its system. As a competition e.g a registered organization will be giving to pentesters on the platform for pentesting (penetration testing) and hackers are rewarded BGL Tokens for the points of vulnerability discovered.

Advantages of BUGLAB

  • Its cost efficient, it’s very affordable for small businesses.
  • Buglab is proactive i.e. they don’t wait for attacks, they probe to find loop holes using vigilante protocol.
  • It creates opportunity for hackers to make money the right way.
  • Results from Buglab are very accurate because they have a variety of result to choose from.

Why not join the campaign today, not matter how small or big your business is, Buglab got you covered, Go to the web site (buglab.io) today and register your firm. You can also join the platform as a hacker (pentester). The BGL TOKEN is very affordable, trust me guys no other company on this planet has this kind of offer.

For more info please click on the link below……

★ Website ★  Whitepaper ★ Twitter ★ Facebook ★ Telegram ★ Reddit ★


Bitcointalk username: Fidelwilliams

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Make Money From Being A Football FAN


Gradually, the world is global village I should say. Years ago, I never thought the world would get to a point where you will be able to communicate with friends from a distance almost immediately, not to talk about making new friends from a distance. So many years ago you couldn’t watch a game from the comfort of your house but now you can. Not just that we can watch a football game from our houses these days, we can relate with our favorite teams via social media .our teams now has a way of getting feedback from us .

These great development has created great opportunities for the sporting industry even as it has created a medium for increased fan base which means more money for sport organizer, more money for the players, more increase in the GDP of the involved society and over the years this improved system has not in any way reward the relentless effort of the committed fans of this sport industry all over the world.

Football fans round the world has faced one basic challenge, and it has to do with being part of the fun and at the same time have an opportunity of earning without gambling. Gambling has led to a lot of damage than good in our society. Football fans really spend a lot in trying to support their favorite team even as they have to sometimes travel to watch their team play, they also have to pay entrance fee to stadiums. But with all this effort they don’t really have ways by which they get involve with the game analysis in such a way that they can earn from it.

Football has more than a billion fans round the world, including the old and the young ,imagine what the world would be like if just half of this football fans has a way to earn money from just supporting their favorite football team and players! Hmmm imagine what some extra money will do for you, and to think that you won’t have to stress much or gamble to earn.

Let me introduce you to a world of limitless possibilities in the game of football and it all begins and ends with the platform FOOTBALL STARS. Football stars is a platform that rewards its users for being passionate in the game of football. On this platform users are rewarded for their analytical engagement in the game of football.


During your favorite league, you are allowed to analytically form a team comprising of your favorite players then at the end you are rewarded points based on the performance of the players in your team on their various team in the ongoing league. Wow, yeah you have the chances to earn good tokens. On this platform you are rewarded with strykz token (crypto) and this online currency is very relevant in our current day society even as it can be converted to our day to day legal tender.

Strykz token is an ERC20 utility token which is used for rewarding platform users is very valuable and has a big future in crypto market.

Remember football is widely accepted, and I’m sure you will be interested to know that being a part of this campaign has a lot to benefit you. i.e more money in the bank for you.  Join the Strykz ICO today and you will be glad you did.

For more info, please check the links below….


Website | Telegram | Facebook | Whitepaper |  Medium

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