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Gold currently occupies a unique position in our society today and has done so for ages now, it isn’t the most expensive mineral but yet holds so much influential role in history. The prospect of gold goes as far back as even the biblical ages.

Today however, the use of various type of paper currency such as the Japanese yuan, US dollars, euros and many other currencies now dominate the industry but still gold has retained its value and importance.

The age of digitalization in which we are currently in, have featured the rise of new forms of currencies known as digital currencies and amongst other types of digital currencies, one has stood out because of the benefits in which the industry brings to life.

Cryptocurrency I believe was made to become a currency based on memories from the time where gold coins and other forms of coin was still used as a means of currency.  However, The cryptocurrency industry and that of gold has experienced some problems and KOBAN is here to fix these challenges.

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Although, the blockchain in which the cryptocurrency industry is built have great features which have already begun to revolutionize the worlds economy, cryptocurrencies have been faced with a high lack of liquidity and that has greatly affected the price of all cryptocurrencies, as they have become unstable.

The gold industry on the other hand, though it has retained a stable price and importance over the years, it now lacks an easy channel in which people can now invest in it the mining process. The only people who can actually invest in gold mining in this modern age, are people who have already built an empire for themselves and not the common people.


KOBAN COIN GLOBAL is a creating a digital currency known as KOBANCOIN TOKEN, this digital currency will become a crypto-gold which will simplify the gold mining investment process by providing individuals an opportunity to directly invests in gold mining through its cryptocurrency. Ultimately, KOBANCOIN Token will be fixing the problem which have plagued cryptocurrencies prices by making its coin both stable in price and liquid.

KOBAN COIN GLOBAL is currently offering out their crypto tokens through an initial coin offering which will automatically make anyone participating of the ICO an investor in gold mining.

KOBAN COIN GLOBAL is partnered with a licensed gold mining company in Tarzana known as KANZ MINING LIMITED, the company has already stated mining for various types of minerals in one of their sites and the funds gotten through the ICO are being allocated to aid in the mining process.

After the mining, the dividends will be shared to investors which will automatically make everyone who took part in the ICO to be both investors in gold mining and cryptocurrency.

The value of the KOBANCOIN Token will be depended on the value of gold coins which will be minted using the harvested gold, while the token value is subjected to increase, it will never fall below the price of the initial gold coin.

By giving the KOBANCOIN TOKEN a commodity such as gold to hold its value, KOBAN will be solving the problem facing the cryptocurrencies by making its token stable in price and providing a means by which the common individuals will become investors in gold mining.


With the power packed benefits in which this project is bringing to life, I don’t think you need anyone to convince you to be a part of the projects ICO as you stand to benefit a lot from it.

Kobancoin Medium = https://medium.com/@kobancoin

Website Link : https://kobancoin.org

Whitepaper Link:  Kobancoin Whitepaper

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Man is known to continuously grow in knowledge and its innovations, and that has also been the case for new technologies and platforms because without growth, a once efficient technology or platform will soon become inefficient.

Since the inception the blockchain, we have seen various other industries integrate the blockchain solutions into their own industries or industries fully built on the blockchain, thereby providing a new income stream for individuals.

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Cryptocurrency trading has provided a major means of creating wealth for both individuals and nations. However, the current crypto trading industry have begun to suffer various challenges due to its inability to grow and expand in other to make room for new innovations and users who come onboard the industry on a daily basis.


The following are challenges which have plagued the industry in the recent months and years:

  • Poor customer service: traders put millions worth of asset in the hands of trading platforms, which provide these platforms means of making profit through fees. Therefore, one would expect trading platforms would provide a 24/7 customer service which will attend to customer needs but sadly many exchanges lack this.
  • Poor technical architecture: crypto trading platforms most times employ the services of programmers which have no or little experience in exchange operations and frameworks. Hence, these programmers make use of frameworks which becomes problematic for users and the platform as it grows.
  • Insecurity: with the rate at which crypto exchanges now suffer from security challenges such as hacks and theft, many have begun to wonder if the blockchain really is secure. But these challenges are basically loopholes which trading platforms fail to see and fix.
  • Lack of a fiat channel: in existing trading platforms, there have been a lack of the means by which traders can withdraw their crypto assets in fiat currency or make deposits directly to the platforms using fiats.


AXNET is the world first hybrid crypto exchange platform, a true centralized and decentralized crypto exchange platform void of all the challenges which have plagued the existing crypto trading platforms, and providing the needed innovation in the industry today.

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The AXNET platform will be using high performance matching engine for smooth centralized trading and a hybrid mechanism for off-chain settlement for decentralized trading.

  • The AXNET platform will be making use of various security protocols which will ensure the security of customer assets, they will also have a team of penetration testers which will run continuous test on the platform to check for vulnerabilities which will therefore be fixed with outmost urgency.
  • The AXNET platform will be making the needs of their customers a priority, thereby creating a 24/7 customer service channel which will be responsible for taking care of the dire needs of customers by providing them with prompt solutions to all their problems.
  • The AXNET platform is being built by a team of experience developers who have adequate knowledge in the creation of exchange operations and framework, thereby resulting in the creation of a platform which will not be susceptible to hacks due to the vast number of users and transaction in the system.
  • The AXNET platform will also create a channel which will enable customers to be able to withdraw their crypto assets directly to their individual country fiat currency and also be able to buy assets using the same currency. The platform intends to begin with major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP and JPY and intends to increase the database of accepted currencies in due time.

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With the benefits in which this AXNET platform will be bringing into the crypto trading industry, I believe it will not only help current crypto traders, but will also aid in the drive to cryptocurrency gaining mainstream adoption by bringing many more users who never wanted the hassles of crypto to fiat complexities into the industry.

This AXNET platform I believe will serve you right, if you become a part of it!!!! The AXNET team are ready to have you as an integral member of the AXNET project.

Website – https://ax.net/
Chat  – https://t.me/AXNETCommunity
Whitepaper – https://ax.net/docs/AXNETWhitepaper.pdf
Social – https://twitter.com/Ax_Net

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Sports is a widely viewed form of entertainment which as experienced a wide number of fan base to its credit over the years. One of the widely viewed sport, football has drawn to itself a large number of diehard fans who are always glued to their TV sets when football matches are played to ascertain live commentaries on statistics of the game being played.

In recent times, the has been a behavioral shift in the viewing patterns of football. Fans no longer prefer viewing sports on traditional broadcasts like ESPN who are responsible for broadcasting live matches to football fans across the world. Fans now prefer to receive commentaries on social media platforms directly from other fans.

An example can be seen on the number of tweets generated on Twitter as during football matches almost 50% of tweets are football related based on predictions on which team will win the match, statistics like ball possessions, number of yellow or red cards given, substitutions and so on. With this kind of commentaries on these social media platforms, fans no longer prefer to view matches through broadcasting channels, as commentaries alone from other fans gives them a detailed knowledge about the progression of the match.

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Therefore fans are no longer passive consumers of broadcasted contents of these broadcasting agencies but consumers of commentaries as provided by other fans on social media platforms. The problem with these method of viewing sports is that, fans who are the major creators of commentaries are not considered in the equation. Social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest over the years have made a lot of profits from commentaries which are originally generated by fans themselves on the platform. As an increase in fans comments on these platforms equal an increase in viewership on the platform and ultimately revenue for them.

Introducing the FanChain Network

FanChain is a platform that provides a reward system with a token that can be used within the sport ecosystem and also provides a feedback where fans can be incentivize for commentaries they contribute on the platform for a pleasurable sporting experience.


The FanChain platform will provide solution to the problem of the inability rewarding commentaries of fans by these social medias platforms, OTT platform and online publisher. Using FanChain tokens as a basis for reward, the platform will provide the following solutions. Which include:

Fans are rewarded for supporting their favourite teams: the platform provides a reward system with the use of its token. Fans are rewarded with FanChain tokens for sharing news,  commentaries and participating in conversations about their favourite teams.

Leagues and Teams can engage fans in new ways: Leagues and Teams can reward fans by accessing fans who most engaged in providing commentaries on their leagues. This fans will be targeted through owners of the team-stamped FanChain tokens.

Media and sports platform can increase fan engagement: in order to increase fan engagement online publishers, OTT platforms and social media networks can distribute FanChain tokens to its viewers. This will encourage User-Generated-Content (UGC) thereby increasing their revenues.

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Personal Opinion On The Fanchain Project

FanChain provides a reward system for user commentaries, social participation and contributions to the world of sports built on blockchain technology functioning on FanChain tokens which is a utility token that can be used to purchase items ranging from tickets, sport merchandize, betting and much more.

FanChain offers rewards for sport fans’ passion.

Website: https://www.sportscastr.com/

Whitepaper: https://qryptos.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/ico_project_info/white_paper_file/9/QUOINE_FanChain_WhitePaper_1.0g.compressed.pdf

Username: aaamira

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Image result for capital technologies icoWith the benefits digitalization have brought into today’s Era, it however has somewhat exposed us to theft by hackers and online fraudsters.

The foundation of our lives in this Era have now become based in data as everything has now become digitalized. From our medical data to data we make available on social media and most importantly our messages, we have become exposed in a certain level.

Encrypting our messages and calls is just a way get to ensure our privacy is guaranteed, making sure there are no prying eyes or ears on our messages.

A lot of platforms have come with the promises of providing an encrypted messaging service when in reality they spy on our messages without us knowing. I have a problem with my messages not being secure and what’s more annoying, is promising a service you cannot give or intend not to give.

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This sort of platforms simply tells me they intend to spy on my messages. I know we all sometimes have messages so sensitive we do not wish for it to be seen by anyone else, now why will a platform make promise of an encrypted messaging or call service when they know they do not have what it takes to pull such a feat off or when they just do not intend to provide the service.

That is why the capital technology and research is here with a service which provides a genuine end-end encrypted messages and call service.


CAPITAL TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH is end-end encryption model built on the blockchain which will be encrypting users’ communications the signal protocol. This timely solution will be designed using the open whisper system to ensure the solution with having to create an entirely new system.

By this provision, every individual who will be utilizing this system will be assured of an end-end encryption while sending and receiving messages or while simply making a call.


The following are the services in which every user of the platform stands to benefit from being a part of capital technologies and research.

  • A fully decentralized structure with no centralized service involved in the individual identification.
  • End-to-end encryption where only the users involved in a communication have access to the encrypted messages.
  • Privacy and security are ensured in the platform by an algorithm which provides various encryption keys on each message, putting an end to any form of attack which might be made against the system by not giving attackers a clear text of the messages even if they succeed in breaking through an encryption.

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The system will be utilizing a triple Diffie-Hellman key exchange as a means of initial key exchange through the blockchain which will improve its efficiency and animosity.

The system will be giving its users the ability to communicate with each other without the use of the any specialised infrastructure because all user device and node collectively makes the foundation.

To eliminate delay in conversations, nodes of the networks will not download the entire media before relaying it to the next nodes thereby eliminating the need for the system to store up a whole discussion into a node.

During a conversation, a node queries the network mesh to check for all possible ways to route the connection according to user preference, quality and security of the services.

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With CAPITAL TECHNOLOGIES AND RESEARCH, we can gladly say goodbye to the insecurities which have plagued the industry in present time, thereby giving birth a secure and reliable means by which users can send and receive messages.

Backed up by this innovative project, is a team of experience technologist who have what it takes to make sure the project becomes a success. Personally, I think this project will be of an immerse value to the society, and what better time it would be to be a part of this project than now while the project is offering out its ICO.


Username: Vocalwalls

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Advertising, most especially via the online platform has been a major source of Return On Investment (ROI). Large and small scale businesses which use online advertising mediums as tools for publicizing their businesses in order to increase the turnover of their products.

Image result for leadrex icoThe online advertising industry has experienced an increasing growth over the years, making the internet the most powerful tool for promoting goods and services. One major driver of this growth is the mobile advertising industry which accounted for a share of 54% of total online advertising as at 2017. This has led to an increase in demand for chat bots by companies with expected usage to reach levels of 80% in the year 2020. Business believe that this medium of advertising will create a new interaction experience with customers thereby leading to increase turnovers.

A major problem associated with the online advertising industry is the high cost of advertising fee charged by marketing agencies, which is done mostly without a professional approach in which most companies end up spending their advertising budget without getting the require results. As a result users of these advertising agencies have encountered the following challenges, which include:

Lack of Transparency: in applying for the services of these online marketing agencies, the user cannot oftentimes ascertain what is the original cost of the acquiring the advertising service, because during the promotion of such product there are cases were the final cost of the advertising service is increased.

Increase in Operating Cost: as a result of a large number of intermediaries between the targeted audience and the business which leads to an increase in operational cost because it will become difficult for businesses to calculate the real cost of attracting their target audience.

Spread of Fraud: due to the lack of transparency between the business and the targeted audience, the possibility of fraud increases. This can be seen in cases where payment is made based on how many forms are filled by its target audience on their site,  these agencies in a bid to be paid may falsify the response from this forms.

Difficulty in Reaching the Targeted Audience: as a result of inexperienced marketing agencies, the business owners may not get the desired result because of the difficultly in reaching the targeted audience by these inexperienced managers.

In the light of these challenges encountered by business with marketing agencies, LeadRex

LeadRex is a complex self training ecosystem based on artificial intelligence with as a vision of offering unique and innovative products aimed at conversion of advertising campaign and reducing the cost of advertising. All functions on the platform will be automated as artificial intelligence will be the core foundation used by business create targeted adverts to their clients.

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The LeadRex platform through the use of its out of the box strategies will provide solutions to the problems encountered by businesses with the online advertising industry. The splatoons include:

AVAILABILITY FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESSES: the platform provides flexible tariff plans affordable to small and medium business thereby reducing the costs of engaging the services of specialized marketing agencies.

EXACT TARGETING: the adoption of artificial intelligence on the platform ensures exact targeting of advertisement at clients. Artificial intelligence will regularly help to update the business client base in order to ensure targeted adverts.

NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED: LeadRex will create an easy to use platform with user interface based on the latest trends in UX design. This will help users who do not have experience in starting and managing advertising campaigns.

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Final Thought

LeadRex creates an ecosystem built entirely on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in order to provide a self-training platform to enable reduced cost in advertisement using its innovative advertisement conversion and campaigning products.

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Website: https://leadrex.io/

WhitePaper: https://leadrex.io/docs/WP_LEADREX_ENG.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/LeadRex_EN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leadrex

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeadRexAi

Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476.0

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The unique operating mode of the Blockchain has been the strong magnet that has attracted a lot of attention from different sectors all over the world. After its big break in 2009 when it successfully and continually power the Bitcoin (the world first digital currency) so many business merchant, companies, organizations, and government agencies started adopting this revolutionary technology to boost their operations and also create a new alternative payment means (use of cryptocurrency) thus giving rise to the digital currency world.

In the world today apart from the bitcoin there are over a thousand cryptocurrency use for several online transactional purposes ( used to purchase goods online, payment to access some specific services online etc.) with the most popular been trading with between digital currencies via digital asset trading/ exchange platform.

Despite the fact that many crypto investors and traders have been making fortunes from crypto trading overtime crypto trades have been rocked with several challenges which have led to so many of them (professional traders and learners) backing out from the crypto trading market which has thus hindered the geometric growth of the market. Some of this challenges include;

  • Inability to trade a wider range of fiat currency in most digital trading platforms.
  • Insufficient/complete absent of trading tools for trade analysis in most digital trading platforms hinders professional traders from carrying out effective analysis of the market.
  • Language barrier due to the fact most trading platform strictly English thus hindering those that don’t understand in English from fully participating.
  • Over Delay of transaction request which is due to the fact that most digital asset/ trading exchange platforms are not built to handle larger transactions which becomes a problem when the transaction demand on their platform increases beyond their capacity.
  • Limited funding options
  • Inability to directly convert digital assets to fiat in most digital asset exchange.


CRYPTOSOUK was conceived by a team consisting of highly experienced professionals with verifiable credentials, who after coming together to brainstorm lasting solution to the challenges faced by crypto trades came up with the CRYPTOSOUK project which is tipped to be the game changer that would rekindle the once lost interest in digital assets trading.

CRYPTOSOUK is a digital asset trading/exchange platform that comprises of a lot of exciting functionalities that favors every stakeholder in the crypto trading market. The CRYPTOSOUK platform was specially built with the aim of making crypto trading easy, more creative and accessible to all from any part of the world.


Below are some of the features that make the CRYPTOSOUK platform standout from other digital asset trading/exchange platforms;

  • The CRYPTOSOUK platform makes use of Institutional Grade security that combines cold/warm/hot wallet rule-based system to ensure complete security and safety of digital assets stored on its platform.
  • A high capacity matching engine capable of executing 1 million transactions per seconds to aid in fast transaction operation on it platform
  • Native Charting functionality.
  • Advanced APIs to that enables users to provide liquidity to others
  • Multiple integration abilities for KYC/AML, Banking/PSPs
  • Opportunity to trade digital assets with a wider range of fiat currency pairs,
  • Real-Time updates live order book with live spread calculation to aid in better deal entry.
  • Over 58 trading indicators including moving averages, oscillators etc. available for better market analysis.
  • Many trading analyzing ability like drawing of trendlines, pitchforks, multiple trade views etc.
  • An interactive UI feature to aid in the customizing of colors and style of bars, wick, price lines, backgrounds, and grid.

The CRYPTOSOUK digital trading/exchange platform is governed by its own ERC20 token called SOUK. The SOUK token is the official means of payment for service fee and new crypto listing fees on the CRYPTOSOUK platform, and can also be exchanged for fiat and other cryptocurrencies.

The CRYPTOSOUK team has put together a fantastic opportunity to be a part of its project via it ongoing ICO program.

For more detailed information and project updates please visit the links below:

Web  ANN  Whitepaper  Twitter  Facebook  Medium  Telegram  Reddit


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Destream Review

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Destream has brought forward an open source platform that will cater for the need of streaming. Though this project is at an 80% completion, their strategies are solid and the streaming industry will benefit greatly from their services.

Destream will also create a blockchain of their own and will not rely on the one provided by Ethereum. Those who are yet to enjoy streaming services don’t need to look any further because Destream will bring it to their very door steps. Content creators on the Destream platform will have a larger audience to share their work with and this will increase their income as well.

Image result for destream icoAs wonderful as streaming is, it still has a lot to correct within its operations and one of them is the issue of fund conversion. The use of streaming services atimes require a first conversion to Fiat before proceeding but that comes at a price that is so high. Sometimes the conversion has to happen twice and that is more conversion fees to be spent. On Destream, such will not be the case as a single wallet system will be used.

Destream has one agenda and that is to make the streaming market better with their decentralized global platform. And this platform will help content creators to increase their productivity, channel their talents into other profitable ventures and also to acquire funds for their work.

Now that Destream has come into existence, a lot of issues faced by the streaming industry will become a thing of the past. Destream will allow the rate of 0.77% to be placed on all payments on their platform. This will be a relief for users considering what is obtainable on popular platforms.

There will be no hidden charges on their platform because of the presence of smart contracts and everyone will receive their due payments at the right time. In addition, companies will be able to reach their targeted audience when they use Destream platform for advertising because of the data-backed strategies implemented by Destream.

Destream will safeguard the data of their platform users with the blockchain technology. This technology will help keep external threats away from the platform and also make transactions a lot more faster compared to centralized systems.

With an online store, Destream will help users to access services and products relevant to their streaming activities as well as equipments produced by streamers. The adoption of a tokenized model will enable members of the crypto community gain full access to the endless possibilities that the Destream platform presents.

In closing, Destream will give everyone on the planet a chance to enjoy high quality streaming services which will come at affordable rates. This platform will serve both the old and the young and will be an efficient product for the streaming industry. If you want to invest in an ICO, choose Destream. More important to note is that the Destream Team understand that you may have some questions, and as such, they are ready to have a one on one interaction with you through the official Destream telegram chatbox.

There’s much more information about Destream which you can find in any of the project links below:

Telegram Page: https://t.me/DeStreamEN



Image result for bitgoals icoThis article is based on a platform targeted at the sports industry and it is named Bitgoals. What makes Bitgоаlѕ a worthy ICO for anyone’s consideration? Let’s find out.

Bitgoals aims to make winners with their blockchain platform by making available incentives to active users on their platform. Being a blockchain platform means that only a fair protocol will be followed to reward deserving users of the platform.

The smart contracts on the platform will make the betting business a dependable one for customers all over the world.

Bitgoals is making giant strides towards making their platform an everyday affair for sports fans and to that effect, they are working with big stakeholders in the industry. They have gone into contracts with these stakeholders for advertisement and social media sensitization and a host of other benefits.

Participants of the platform will be opportune to enjoy a transparent reward program and various incentives, and these platform users include players, fans, contributors and commentators.

Image result for bitgoals ico

Bitgoals is geared towards public service and with the level of technological advancement they have achieved, they will absolutely deliver. Even as more fans of sports continue to emerge, Bitgoals is developing a system that will let them compete and earn incentives from their chosen sports.

The loyalty program found on their platform was created to give users of the Bitgoals platform an unforgettable experience as they engage in sports activities on their platform.

If you choose to make use of this platform you will only login once to access games and reward payout is not hard to achieve, as users can easily access their funds without no limit on withdrawal.

First time users will not be put through rigorous registration procedures and once they are verified, the smart contracts will keep their activities and transactions safe and private.

The Bitgoal platform has a token named STP which shall empower users to perform transactions and to play the platform games. Also users can play lottery and place bets with this token.

Image result for bitgoals ico

To round up this article, I have to state that Bitgoals is service provider and manufacturer that has the gaming industry’s license to operate because it is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and develop a framework for the sports betting industry.

BitGoals has an advanced IT infrаѕtruсturе and expertise that will make the experience derived on their platform of world standard and also sustainable.

Website: https://bitgoals.com/
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4428882
Telegram: https://t.me/BitGoals
Medium: https://medium.com/@Social_4834
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BitGoalsSTP
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitGoals
Whitepaper: https://bitgoals.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Bitgoals_WP.pdf

Username: babilon

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ERC 20 Address: 0x36ace244046f8E8576F9378bfFf73036B6C790dd




Imagine a system where you alone speak a language that others do not understand especially when it’s on a global platform, unbroken communication will be hard to earn. The experience of having a trading partner that doesn’t match your trading experience and cannot communicate effectively with you is one of the biggest challenges faced by a whole lot of traders especially the Middle East and Arabic traders and with the extremely growing rate of the cryptocurrency market, feeling out of place is very easy when communication strength with trading partners is very weak. This alone can drop your morale and deflate your enthusiasm for trading.


The crypto market has a consistent problem of severe lack of liquidity and market maker. A good number of traders on the digital market find it hard to trade with cryptocurrency, not to talk of accessing currencies that are not easily accessible on a platform which is unmistakably complex. In addition to this problem is the difficulty in finding a trading partner that understands you and appreciates your belief and ideas.


The best way to solving this problem is by providing customers and clients in the Middle East region with the reality of having others who can speak their language and understand their customs/belief and grant a technology of buying and selling into the fiat currency. Also, there is need to focus a cryptocurrency exchange with technologies that eliminate complications of trading in the Middle East/ Arabic regions to enhance long term foreign exchange operations.

The relevant answer to this problem is CRYPTOSOUK.


CryptoSouk is a leading financial technology company. With a simple, secure and reliable technology aimed at making digital currency available to customers by enhancing trading experience with quick trade execution including fair pricing and world-class customer service; features every trader desires for the best trading experience.

Cryptosouk offers the following solutions

  • A global and regional forex trading experience coupled with technologists and security experts that help deliver on the unique Arabic language opportunity.
  • A platform for the transfer of fiat currency in and out inexpensively.
  • Provision of relevant documentation that allows for a unique and frictionless user experience.
  • A launched platform in regions offering trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero.


The strategy employed by CryptoSouk is geared towards offering multiple features to customers such as:

  1. Native Charting.
  2. Institutional Grade security.
  3. Enterprise matching engine with an unmatchable ability to execute 1 million transactions per second.

And many more.

Finally, guys over a hundred open source projects with the aim to create decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges exist on the digital market and along with their advantages, there goes the oversight of user complexity and the complication of buying and selling into fiat currency. I encourage you to be a part of the CryptoSouk project for a pleasant trading experience that comes with a flexible access to the best packages on the digital market. The CRYPTOSOUK team is giving a fantastic opportunity to be part of this project by joining its ICO program.

To get more information on this project, visit the links below.


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Blockchain Technology has grown to become one of the most sorts after technology in the world today. its great success in powering the world first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), with its unique mode of operation, has attracted a whole lot of interest from business merchants, financial institutions, cooperate bodies and government agencies around the world who seek to adopt this technology to improve their working and services operations, and also create an alternative means of payment transactions thus giving rise to other cryptocurrencies which have led to the continuous growth of the crypto world.

Today digital currencies are gradually gaining popularity and usage in any part of the world. It’s no news that so many business merchants and services providing firms now accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for what they have to offer which has also prompted so many investors jumping in to this highly profiting and still green market, with the crypto exchanges playing an important role (like a bank) of keeping, exchanging and save guiding crypto assets of investors and users.

Although despite fact that so many people had made quite a fortune form cryptocurrency investment   Overtime many crypto users, investors, and ICO programs has been suffering from some major challenges that have made so many investors pulling out, ICO programs abandoned (leading to worthless cryptocurrencies), and so many new investors scared of investing which has thus hindered the potential growth of the crypto world. Some of this challenges are discussed below.

Poor Cyber Security Measures of Crypto Exchanges

This happens to be one of the major loopholes of so many crypto exchanges that have led to reoccurring cases huge assets losses for investors and in some cases complete operation shutdown of most exchange platforms. This challenge is always certain due to the fact that most exchanges platform operation mode are centralized (single storage point) which makes them always prone to hackers and cyber-attacks.

High Charges By Crypto Exchanges For New Crypto Listing

This is another serious challenge that has hindered the growth of the digital currency market and has led loss of millions of crypto investment due to the fact that so many promising projects who try to raise more startup capitals through ICO programs tend to abandon the program or list with a price far lower than what was stated on their ICO campaign due to high listing charges by exchanges thus accounting for many worthless digital currencies on the market.


The HiBTC is a highly thought out project by a team of professionals with vast experience in their respective field who came together to brainstorm lasting solution to the challenges faced by the most essential unit to the growth and development of the digital currency world and came up with the HiBTC project which is centered on creating a fair, transparent and highly secured digital assets stronghold for all.

HiBTC is a highly secured, transparent, efficient, reliable and convenient decentralized digital asset exchange platform that also offers some very rare unique services that favor every stakeholder in the digital currency market.


Below are some of the standout qualities of the HiBTC digital assets exchange platform;

  • Unlike other digital asset exchange platforms whose mode of operations are usually centralized the HiBTC platform operations are decentralized which completely kicking out all assets safety and other security challenges associated with centralization operation.
  • HiBTC is the first of its kind to render a dual channel 1+1 currency listing mode which makes more convenient for new digital currency listing compared to the traditional listing mode based on services fees.
  • HiBTC operates a co-governed and shared organizational structure which enables HIBT token holder to participate in decision making and revenue sharing generated by the platform.
  • In a bid to improve transparency and fairness the HiBTC platform is design in such a way that every transaction carried out on the platform is made visible to the public (real time display) which by so doing kicks out any thought of transaction manipulation and other fraudulent activities which is a common practice by so many other digital assets exchanges.
  • To ensure the efficiency and smooth running of its platform services operations and to also combat challenges relating to transaction delays the an advance memory coupling algorithm was in integrated into it system thus making transactions on the HiBTC platform faster (capable of executing two million transactions per second ) in regardless of the transaction growth size of it users.
  • The HiBTC platform has a multi-level firewall that comprises a multi-signature and the cold/hot wallet functions to ensure complete safety and security of digital assets stored on its platform.


The HiBTC trading platform is governed by its own token called HIBT. Some of the benefits of becoming a holder of this token can be seen in the picture below.

The HiBTC project team as giving a fantastic opportunity to be a part of its project through it ICO program.

please visit the links below for more information and updates about this project:

Website: https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HIBTC_com1


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Bitcointalkprofile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910183