About 19Billion dollars advertising funds has been wasted already in 2018 due spambots meddling with online adverting


Having a good product with proper branding is very important but it’s not as important as getting your potential market informed on the product, on this premise we can establish that advertisement is key to business however most businesses have not been able to do this rightly. You should also understand that we have gone pass the product era where it’s believed that a good product sells itself. We are in the marketing era where proper research on the need of the market both actual and potential market are done before engaging in productions of any kind.

Wouldn’t want to imagine how devastating it will be, after a good intro marketing process and the product is not properly advertised. Information not getting to the targeted consumers can be a stumbling block to the effective process of successfully marketing a product. We can’t over emphasize the importance of advertisement.

Online advertisement has taking over as the predominant way of getting products awareness to targeted consumers. There are other means of advertising no doubt but if I must say, technology (introduction of social media etc.) has giving online advertisement the edge over the rest. We must also know that it has its disadvantages too.


  • More than 50% of traffic are generated by bots i.e. There is a huge level of insincerity on the details of the traffic generated on most website. Your product maybe showing 5000 views on a website but on the real sense that product only has 300 views, most of these views and plays are highly manipulated and this can lead to losses to the organizations involved as they will be working with misleading information in their strategies..
  • The consumers have little or no control on their personal data and this data are traded to third parties that they are not aware off.
  • Advertisers are affected due to lack of data transparency, since views, plays, downloads targeted audience, click etc. are manipulated in the information giving by the publishers about the platforms involved. Advertisers finds it difficult to get accurate details and result for the money they are paying. There is an increase rate on cost on ads as publishers most times prefer working with ads exchange platforms to serve as a medium between them and advertisers. Middle men generally, always lead to increase in cost of in any business.
  • Consumers fall victims for being manipulated by malicious targeting. Political parties has used this to their advantages. Truth be told consumers are tired of seeing contents they didn’t subscribe for on their timelines. Facebook, instagram user etc. suffers this malicious act. These acts have made adverts difficult and now consumers don’t even want to see ads at all as they are only disturbed by it, they don’t earn from it.



NOISE is a peer to peer platform established to make advertisement easy and less fraudulent with a standard transparent system, it’s a community of publishers and advertisers with a decentralized and data market placed with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligent) and Blockchain architecture.

From the above problem faced by digital advertisement you can see that there is so much problems with the already existing advertising system. NOIZ with its advanced technological system, using Artificial intelligence and block chain architecture will doing the following to bring digital advertisement to its prime again…

  • With a KYC signup form to 2FA and AI algorithms monitoring interactions, NOIZ multilayer system filters out spambots traffic and determines what actually genuine user engagement is. Meaning that advertisers will have access to correct and well detailed information as regards view, target market size, clicks, downloads etc. this will reduce waste of money in advertisement.
  • With the elimination of middle men, publishers have direct access to the advertisers in that way he is involved and aware of the exact budget for a particular advert. This will make the publisher efficient and able to manage cost in order to give the best. NOIZE has arrange its platform in such a way that everybody is happy at the end of every transactions.
  • With NOIZ permission based blockchain platform, consumers are well rewarded for their personal information whenever it’s been used in an advertising process.
  • With NOIZ highly advanced platform, consumers has control over their personal information…

Wow, what a great opportunity, you (publisher, consumer, and advertiser) stand to gain from the NOIZ platform. This is one of the biggest innovation in the ADS industry and every smart organization wouldn’t want to miss out on it. Why not partner with this project by joining the ICO.

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