Pop up advert is the worst thing that has happened to video streaming all through my years of streaming videos, trust me, there is nothing more annoying than when you get to an intriguing part of a video then an advert pops up, it’s even more annoying when you are trying to manage your data.

Now, this is for all video, movie, film, series and general TV watchers. I trust this will be of great relief to you, I can imagine how frustrating it is when you are following a movie series but you have to travel to another country that doesn’t support the content of the series you are watching. MONVID platform was created to solve major issues faced with streaming videos, goodbye to the days of break in transmission. I’m excited already cause this for me right here is revolutionary, welcome to a whole new world of streaming videos. Monvid using blockchain technology would bring a lot of changes to the already existing system. Let’s look at some existing challenges in streaming movies, videos etc.


  • No proper reward for contents: some country’s offer for video content is quite low due to the economy of that country and their value system. Also, know that some countries have low value for some contents.
  • The problem of piracy has been a major issue, content creators suffer serious losses due to the challenges of piracy year in year out.
  • Most users don’t have banking access or a credit card. Which means most users lack online means of payment, as a result, they tend to go for low-quality videos that are free. They avoid rentals and purchase of videos even when they can afford it. They like free bees and this affects the content creators as lots of money has put into production.
  • There is the challenge of the users not wanting to pay the same amount they pay for popular videos for non-popular videos


The monvid platform has a very simple mission which is to by its decentralized system bypass restrictions and censorship regardless of the location around the world. Monvid with the help of the blockchain technology has far more to offer compared to the already existing streaming platforms. The monvid platform offers two basic functionality amongst other great possibilities, it’s as follow.

The peer to peer system

This enables content creators of videos to share their video on the platform for everyone on the platform to see without any fee i.e. for free. And these videos are rewarded by members of the platform. The monvid platform uses a token called MVID, whenever a member of the platform would like to support a particular creator, he or she can reward the creator with some MVID, and the video creator is not charged any extra or hidden cost to be rewarded, though the level of reward depends on the quality of video. With this kind of streaming pattern you are guaranteed of flexibility, transparency, and privacy.

Proxy Video Streaming

Monvid streaming platform enables its users to watch videos from any location without any form of restrictions. The monvid platform is highly decentralized and this really helps content creator and users connect from any part of the world without any form of hindrance as observed in other streaming platforms. For real, this is the next level for streaming videos, movies etc. and if you ask me, I’ll say the Monvid platform is bringing a whole new advantage to the table, this is beyond what any already existing platforms can offer.                                                                                                                                    Wow, why not partner with this project by joining the ICO today.

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