Make Money From Being A Football FAN


Gradually, the world is global village I should say. Years ago, I never thought the world would get to a point where you will be able to communicate with friends from a distance almost immediately, not to talk about making new friends from a distance. So many years ago you couldn’t watch a game from the comfort of your house but now you can. Not just that we can watch a football game from our houses these days, we can relate with our favorite teams via social media .our teams now has a way of getting feedback from us .

These great development has created great opportunities for the sporting industry even as it has created a medium for increased fan base which means more money for sport organizer, more money for the players, more increase in the GDP of the involved society and over the years this improved system has not in any way reward the relentless effort of the committed fans of this sport industry all over the world.

Football fans round the world has faced one basic challenge, and it has to do with being part of the fun and at the same time have an opportunity of earning without gambling. Gambling has led to a lot of damage than good in our society. Football fans really spend a lot in trying to support their favorite team even as they have to sometimes travel to watch their team play, they also have to pay entrance fee to stadiums. But with all this effort they don’t really have ways by which they get involve with the game analysis in such a way that they can earn from it.

Football has more than a billion fans round the world, including the old and the young ,imagine what the world would be like if just half of this football fans has a way to earn money from just supporting their favorite football team and players! Hmmm imagine what some extra money will do for you, and to think that you won’t have to stress much or gamble to earn.

Let me introduce you to a world of limitless possibilities in the game of football and it all begins and ends with the platform FOOTBALL STARS. Football stars is a platform that rewards its users for being passionate in the game of football. On this platform users are rewarded for their analytical engagement in the game of football.


During your favorite league, you are allowed to analytically form a team comprising of your favorite players then at the end you are rewarded points based on the performance of the players in your team on their various team in the ongoing league. Wow, yeah you have the chances to earn good tokens. On this platform you are rewarded with strykz token (crypto) and this online currency is very relevant in our current day society even as it can be converted to our day to day legal tender.

Strykz token is an ERC20 utility token which is used for rewarding platform users is very valuable and has a big future in crypto market.

Remember football is widely accepted, and I’m sure you will be interested to know that being a part of this campaign has a lot to benefit you. i.e more money in the bank for you.  Join the Strykz ICO today and you will be glad you did.

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