The banking industry of today rely heavily on outdated banking models and also on technology that are not only inadequate but also very expensive. Even with all these systems in place, the traditional banks still experience difficulties when it comes to meeting the financial demands of people. This is one of the reasons why about 2 billion people are unbanked all over the world.

An Introduction

KuBitX is the title of a digital asset exchange platform created to provide a safe environment where transactions can occur transparently. This is not just like any other platform, it is robust and advanced and is well equipped and capable to meet users’ cryptocurrency needs.

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A More Suitable Solution: KuBitX Exchange

First, KuBitX has the amazing ability to process 12 million transactions in just a second! This is a change compared to what the traditional financial industry offers customers. KuBitX has at their disposal a range of infrastructures that will provide their users with better services through the blockchain technology and will help people to conduct business on a reliable platform.

KuBitX will provide a platform that connects people from one end of the world to the other. With a platform that supports varieties of languages, KuBitX will be the choice of many as their indigenous language will be available on their platform.

KuBitX will employ the services of translators who will translate different languages for the platform, even dialects peculiar to African tribes. With this, KuBitX has already set itself apart as a project dedicated to reaching people that are situated even in interior parts of the world.

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KuBitX will be able to scale their platform with strategic sidechains and everyone will be able to make use of their platform regardless of their tech exposure. New users will receive tutorials on the use of their platform and the blockchain.

To wrap up this article, KuBitX has a strong belief in their product that it will perfect exchange and trading for both professionals and new users. With a mind blowing speed of 12 million transactions per second, KuBitX is already at the top of the exchange business. Other platforms average at 1 million transactions per second which is far lower than what KuBitX offers. With this, people will have no problem joining the KuBitX Project. What about you? Don’t miss this opportunity to use a world standard exchange platform. The choice is yours.

The officially adopted token for the KubitX project platform which was adopted by the team is the KBX Token. It is an ERC 20 based token which will help gurantee swift and fast transactions on the KubitX trading platform.

As you read this, the KBX tokens are currently being issued in the official KubitX project ICO on the project’s official website.

The ICO features the issuance of tokens to members of the general public from various parts of the world, who are interested in the project’s adopted strategies, and are fully committed to redefining the face of the industry.

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KubitX is the future of professional and a simplified effortless trading. Be a part of the KubitX team by joining the ICO today. For more information please visit any of the links below:

Web: http://www.kubitx.io

Telegram: https://t.me/kubitx_official

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628365.0;all

Whitepaper: https://kubitx.io/KuBitX_Whitepaper_v1.1_En.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kubitx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kubitx

Username: myicopanda

Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2219367


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