Gold currently occupies a unique position in our society today and has done so for ages now, it isn’t the most expensive mineral but yet holds so much influential role in history. The prospect of gold goes as far back as even the biblical ages.

Today however, the use of various type of paper currency such as the Japanese yuan, US dollars, euros and many other currencies now dominate the industry but still gold has retained its value and importance.

The age of digitalization in which we are currently in, have featured the rise of new forms of currencies known as digital currencies and amongst other types of digital currencies, one has stood out because of the benefits in which the industry brings to life.

Cryptocurrency I believe was made to become a currency based on memories from the time where gold coins and other forms of coin was still used as a means of currency.  However, The cryptocurrency industry and that of gold has experienced some problems and KOBAN is here to fix these challenges.

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Although, the blockchain in which the cryptocurrency industry is built have great features which have already begun to revolutionize the worlds economy, cryptocurrencies have been faced with a high lack of liquidity and that has greatly affected the price of all cryptocurrencies, as they have become unstable.

The gold industry on the other hand, though it has retained a stable price and importance over the years, it now lacks an easy channel in which people can now invest in it the mining process. The only people who can actually invest in gold mining in this modern age, are people who have already built an empire for themselves and not the common people.


KOBAN COIN GLOBAL is a creating a digital currency known as KOBANCOIN TOKEN, this digital currency will become a crypto-gold which will simplify the gold mining investment process by providing individuals an opportunity to directly invests in gold mining through its cryptocurrency. Ultimately, KOBANCOIN Token will be fixing the problem which have plagued cryptocurrencies prices by making its coin both stable in price and liquid.

KOBAN COIN GLOBAL is currently offering out their crypto tokens through an initial coin offering which will automatically make anyone participating of the ICO an investor in gold mining.

KOBAN COIN GLOBAL is partnered with a licensed gold mining company in Tarzana known as KANZ MINING LIMITED, the company has already stated mining for various types of minerals in one of their sites and the funds gotten through the ICO are being allocated to aid in the mining process.

After the mining, the dividends will be shared to investors which will automatically make everyone who took part in the ICO to be both investors in gold mining and cryptocurrency.

The value of the KOBANCOIN Token will be depended on the value of gold coins which will be minted using the harvested gold, while the token value is subjected to increase, it will never fall below the price of the initial gold coin.

By giving the KOBANCOIN TOKEN a commodity such as gold to hold its value, KOBAN will be solving the problem facing the cryptocurrencies by making its token stable in price and providing a means by which the common individuals will become investors in gold mining.


With the power packed benefits in which this project is bringing to life, I don’t think you need anyone to convince you to be a part of the projects ICO as you stand to benefit a lot from it.

Kobancoin Medium = https://medium.com/@kobancoin

Website Link : https://kobancoin.org

Whitepaper Link:  Kobancoin Whitepaper

Bounty0x: 12connect


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