Blockchain Technology has grown to become one of the most sorts after technology in the world today. its great success in powering the world first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), with its unique mode of operation, has attracted a whole lot of interest from business merchants, financial institutions, cooperate bodies and government agencies around the world who seek to adopt this technology to improve their working and services operations, and also create an alternative means of payment transactions thus giving rise to other cryptocurrencies which have led to the continuous growth of the crypto world.

Today digital currencies are gradually gaining popularity and usage in any part of the world. It’s no news that so many business merchants and services providing firms now accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for what they have to offer which has also prompted so many investors jumping in to this highly profiting and still green market, with the crypto exchanges playing an important role (like a bank) of keeping, exchanging and save guiding crypto assets of investors and users.

Although despite fact that so many people had made quite a fortune form cryptocurrency investment   Overtime many crypto users, investors, and ICO programs has been suffering from some major challenges that have made so many investors pulling out, ICO programs abandoned (leading to worthless cryptocurrencies), and so many new investors scared of investing which has thus hindered the potential growth of the crypto world. Some of this challenges are discussed below.

Poor Cyber Security Measures of Crypto Exchanges

This happens to be one of the major loopholes of so many crypto exchanges that have led to reoccurring cases huge assets losses for investors and in some cases complete operation shutdown of most exchange platforms. This challenge is always certain due to the fact that most exchanges platform operation mode are centralized (single storage point) which makes them always prone to hackers and cyber-attacks.

High Charges By Crypto Exchanges For New Crypto Listing

This is another serious challenge that has hindered the growth of the digital currency market and has led loss of millions of crypto investment due to the fact that so many promising projects who try to raise more startup capitals through ICO programs tend to abandon the program or list with a price far lower than what was stated on their ICO campaign due to high listing charges by exchanges thus accounting for many worthless digital currencies on the market.


The HiBTC is a highly thought out project by a team of professionals with vast experience in their respective field who came together to brainstorm lasting solution to the challenges faced by the most essential unit to the growth and development of the digital currency world and came up with the HiBTC project which is centered on creating a fair, transparent and highly secured digital assets stronghold for all.

HiBTC is a highly secured, transparent, efficient, reliable and convenient decentralized digital asset exchange platform that also offers some very rare unique services that favor every stakeholder in the digital currency market.


Below are some of the standout qualities of the HiBTC digital assets exchange platform;

  • Unlike other digital asset exchange platforms whose mode of operations are usually centralized the HiBTC platform operations are decentralized which completely kicking out all assets safety and other security challenges associated with centralization operation.
  • HiBTC is the first of its kind to render a dual channel 1+1 currency listing mode which makes more convenient for new digital currency listing compared to the traditional listing mode based on services fees.
  • HiBTC operates a co-governed and shared organizational structure which enables HIBT token holder to participate in decision making and revenue sharing generated by the platform.
  • In a bid to improve transparency and fairness the HiBTC platform is design in such a way that every transaction carried out on the platform is made visible to the public (real time display) which by so doing kicks out any thought of transaction manipulation and other fraudulent activities which is a common practice by so many other digital assets exchanges.
  • To ensure the efficiency and smooth running of its platform services operations and to also combat challenges relating to transaction delays the an advance memory coupling algorithm was in integrated into it system thus making transactions on the HiBTC platform faster (capable of executing two million transactions per second ) in regardless of the transaction growth size of it users.
  • The HiBTC platform has a multi-level firewall that comprises a multi-signature and the cold/hot wallet functions to ensure complete safety and security of digital assets stored on its platform.


The HiBTC trading platform is governed by its own token called HIBT. Some of the benefits of becoming a holder of this token can be seen in the picture below.

The HiBTC project team as giving a fantastic opportunity to be a part of its project through it ICO program.

please visit the links below for more information and updates about this project:

Website: https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HIBTC_com1


Bitcointalk User Name: Kessylezul

Bitcointalkprofile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910183



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