Some time ago Sony lost over a 100million dollars when their play station company got hacked. Please also take note that apart from the financial records of organizations been hacked, there are other ways an organization can be hacked.

I remember Computer is one of the best things that has happened to our world, it’s a blessing to this generation. Wouldn’t want to imagine what our world would be like without the internet, people can literally live their lives indoors, thanks to God for the World Wide Web. We now have our local communities on the World Wide Web on different cyber spaces, its amazing right!  This has helped improved the ways we do business as a people round the world, no business can truly go global without the internet.  Little businesses has gone global with the help of the internet, these day most businesses has a bigger market online compare to their local user. I would like to call this innovation by which the internet is used for business, E BUSINESS.  As we all know, anything with so much advantages would in one way have its disadvantages. Remember that most businesses does most of their financial transactions online, not just that, they also save vital information as regards customers and financial records online and these things makes them vulnerable to hackers. Hackers can also penetrate systems through the internet.

Hackers has been one of the biggest challenges of introducing the internet to our businesses. Yeah they attack your cyber space. Lots of money has been lost over the years because of these attacks.

Effects of Cyber Attacks on Business

These effects are grouped into three;

  1. ECONOMIC EFFECT: like I said earlier most financial records of this organizations is kept online and also these organizations does most of their financial transactions online, as a result they stand a huge risk to be hacked by hackers. Billions of dollars has been lost already by organizations. Airtime recharge card of a telecommunication company was hacked some years ago, they lost lots of money. Losses like these can lead to folding of businesses, a negative name for the organization as regards to their financial premise, loss of contracts. etc.
  2. REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE: Trust is an essential factor in maintaining customer relationship, just imagine how you will feel if you find out that personal information about your life got out via your bank, hmmm not a good thought I guess. Cyber-attacks can cause a huge damage to your business reputation which will definitely lead to trust issues with your customer, remember the loss of one customer is the loss one million customers. This in turn can lead to   Loss of customers   2. A diminishing return on sales    3. Reduction in profit.   The effect of reputational damage can lead to a huge negative effect on your suppliers, partners, investors and other stake holders as no one can trust your organization anymore.
  3. Legal: Also don’t forget that according to law you will be punished for letting out information about customers and employees except you are permitted by the individuals involved.


The way out

Over the years different organizations has tried their best in fighting these attacks, some employed hackers to help them check their cyber space from time to time while some employ the service of a counter cyber-attack companies, truth be told, some of this method has worked but it only favored bigger organizations because small firms could not afford this services, some of this firms charge per hour, attacks or no attacks.

Good news guys, you don’t have to worry about cyber-attacks anymore, yes there’s no need to worry because there is a more effective and affordable way out, it’s called BUGLAB. With BUGLAB you don’t have to worry, all you need to do is register your business with BUGLAB platform and BUGLAB will serve as a WATCH DOG for your cyber space. Remember it’s the cheapest and most reliable way to protect your business from cyber-attack.


BUGLAB is a cyber-security platform that helps organization (big or small) with fighting cyber-attacks etc. The beauty about Buglab is that they don’t just fight attacks, they are proactive i.e. the prevent cyber-attacks. Buglab platform checks for loop holes on business apps, website, every of the organizational cyber space etc. by turning penetration test services into a competition. This is how it works, Buglab has lots of hackers called pentesters(penetration testers) registered as part of its system. As a competition e.g a registered organization will be giving to pentesters on the platform for pentesting (penetration testing) and hackers are rewarded BGL Tokens for the points of vulnerability discovered.

Advantages of BUGLAB

  • Its cost efficient, it’s very affordable for small businesses.
  • Buglab is proactive i.e. they don’t wait for attacks, they probe to find loop holes using vigilante protocol.
  • It creates opportunity for hackers to make money the right way.
  • Results from Buglab are very accurate because they have a variety of result to choose from.

Why not join the campaign today, not matter how small or big your business is, Buglab got you covered, Go to the web site (buglab.io) today and register your firm. You can also join the platform as a hacker (pentester). The BGL TOKEN is very affordable, trust me guys no other company on this planet has this kind of offer.

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