About $4 trillion dollar goes through the forex industry every day, so much money, just imagine what a decentralized system on forex would be like, I mean a market with no limitation on currency. Just imagine how much will be available for grabs in forex if there are no limitations to currencies, the crypto market was worth about $300 billion as at January 2018. FXPAY is about to raise the bar, FXPAY with the Idea of a decentralize Bitcoin technology-enabled platform enables you trade crypto and fiat currency, there is just no limit to how much possibilities we have for grabs. Trading is just about to take a new turn. The already existing trading platform has gone through its own challenges which has in one way or the other limited the system.
• There is a challenge on an easy exchange of currency as a fee is incurred on every transaction which ranges from 5-7% of each transaction, trust me this can be discouraging for potential investors. This can stand as a barrier to potential novice investors.
• Brokers make a whooping sum $100 million every day and most of this is from unnecessary charges on investors.
• The existing forex structure does not permit trading of crypto currencies
• Some existing forex structure doesn’t trade in crypto currencies, which is quite limiting as so much money goes through the crypto market on a daily basis but the limitation of trading on just fiat or probably a limiting number of crypto, dwindles the possibilities of a greater experience in trading.
Fxpay is is a decentralized trading platform that uses blockchain technology by which it acts as a payment gateway system for the forex industry. Fxpay is bringing a major revolution in the forex industry. Faxpay has been able to establish a strong relationship with brokers who act acts as providers and facilitators of the forex industry. Both crypto and forex traders have a so much to gain from fxpay.
Everyone on the FXPAY platform will benefit as they will exchange for the fxp coin to get more profit and cheaper transactions. This will lead to an increase in a vast cash flow that will go into the market and this will become a major factor that will build the fxpay foundation and the price will rise steadily. The fxpay foundation is going to be a game changer for traders because of the limitless opportunity it offers concerning currencies both crypto and fiat. This benefit is open to crypto/forex trading, holding FXPAY coins will be just what every trader need right now. Trading just took a new look.
• FXP will be acting as a payment getaway in the market but that’s not the major catch for brokers, the real deal here is the fact that it offers a mouthwatering discount to brokers
• Purchase or storing of FXP: brokers can easily purchase a large quantity of the FXP coins at a much-discounted rate then distribute to their traders or in-house exchange. FXPAY is a major marketing tool that can help brokers get more customers.
Generally, I want to you to understand that the blockchain technology is one of the most secured technology in the world. FXP uses blockchain technology, this means the fxpay wallet is one the most secured wallet in the world. Why not partner with this project by joining the ico to enjoy a new trading experience in both forex and crypto trading.
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