In order to save cost and also to find ways to increase their customer base, small businesses go for already existing sites that will serve as a means of marketing but these sites have high pricing for their services which cannot be afforded by small and medium companies still trying to grow their revenue.

This results in small and medium businesses spending so much for their marketing needs and other required services such as currency conversion, financial transactions etc.

Image result for freldo icoFreldo is a project that was created for small and medium businesses to enable them have the same advantage the big companies have.

Freldo will do this by using the blockchain technology to establish a good working relationship between businesses and their clients.

Freldo will make available tools that will be utilized by small and medium businesses to have a level playing field in the market along with big enterprises.

Freldo is simply a social network for business owners and consumers which will unite the two participants for a better business relationship between them. Freldo has been operational for two years and since it’s existence, it has continued to evolve and grow in quality service provision for their users.

Freldo has incorporated smart contracts and the blockchain technology into their platform and this will make their services more advanced and advantageous to their customers.

Freldo affords their uses with a convenient place where they can search for services and filter through all the results from the search to find exactly what they need. Producers will be able to announce their products on the Freldo platform and also advertise their products with promotions and discounts.

Users of the Freldo network are eligible for financial rewards as they actively participate on their network. Users will receive a free certificate for any business or client they invite to the Freldo network. With this certificate, users can pay for the services of entrepreneurs.

Also, on the Freldo platform is an affiliate program feature that will help their users to earn rewards even when they don’t participate actively on their network.

Freldo will be beneficial to their users by making business operations of small and medium businesses more easier and helping them to achieve success. Freldo helps families and individuals to find professionals needed by them at discounted prices and also at a faster rate.

My verdict is this, the idea behind Freldo is a brilliant one it will bring together a popular social network and a market-wide platform.

This network was designed for both entrepreneurs and consumers and will provide support for small and medium businesses to start and thrive in their respective services.

Image result for freldo ico

Image result for freldo ico

ICO [16.07 – 17.09]
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