Our lives have become so intertwined with the Internet that one cannot dream of a world without it. It hasn’t been too long ago that the thought of the Internet was seen as a complex and difficult thing to achieve, but today, we have social networks, emails, messengers and lots more. This will only continue to grow and by so doing, our existence on this planet will continue to be made more fun and pleasant.

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Taking social media into consideration, it has been estimated that over 3 billion people are active users of social media. People use this platform to post articles, create music and videos and also share them. New relationships have been formed on social media and old ones have been rekindled. So, we can see that this is really a way of life now for people and it can also serve as a means of livelihood with the right platform.


In the world today, data is more valuable than crude oil because it carries a lot of potential in it. That is why there is a lot of data mining going on and people are being treated as commodities. People are used to generate traffic for companies through advert campaigns and most of the time it is done without their consent. In addition, content creators do not receive their just compensation for their work. For these purposes came the creation of FORESTING.


Foresting is a decentralized social network that will allow their clients to design, produce and distribute their contents and receive adequate compensation for them.

Foresting is well equipped to solve the following problems:

Lack of security for the personal information and data of users.

Circulation of unverified and incorrect information.

Availability of unrelated and irrelevant contents.

Unverified users.

The above issues and a lot more will be taken care of by Foresting. The presence of the blockchain technology in the design of Foresting will make the elimination of these problems a possibility.

Even though Foresting is surrounded by other projects similar in functionality, Foresting stands out due to its innovative features with the latest technologies.

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What are those unique features which Foresting has to dominate the social networking industry? Let’s consider some of them below:

Users will be able to perform trading activities online.

With their rating system, users will able to evaluate contents.

Financial services will be provided for clients.

Users of the platform who create contents will be fairly rewarded.

Transactions will happen between peers in a P2P network arrangement.


From the informations provided about Foresting, I’ve come to see the potentials in the platform. Foresting is not just promising, it is an innovation that will provide a better experience for users through their social media platform. Foresting is a product everyone should get behind because they will use the blockchain technology to revolutionize social networking.

Now that you know much better about the Foresting project, it’s time for you to invite your peeps and colleagues to become a major part of the Foresting project.

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