Image result for capital technologies icoWith the benefits digitalization have brought into today’s Era, it however has somewhat exposed us to theft by hackers and online fraudsters.

The foundation of our lives in this Era have now become based in data as everything has now become digitalized. From our medical data to data we make available on social media and most importantly our messages, we have become exposed in a certain level.

Encrypting our messages and calls is just a way get to ensure our privacy is guaranteed, making sure there are no prying eyes or ears on our messages.

A lot of platforms have come with the promises of providing an encrypted messaging service when in reality they spy on our messages without us knowing. I have a problem with my messages not being secure and what’s more annoying, is promising a service you cannot give or intend not to give.

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This sort of platforms simply tells me they intend to spy on my messages. I know we all sometimes have messages so sensitive we do not wish for it to be seen by anyone else, now why will a platform make promise of an encrypted messaging or call service when they know they do not have what it takes to pull such a feat off or when they just do not intend to provide the service.

That is why the capital technology and research is here with a service which provides a genuine end-end encrypted messages and call service.


CAPITAL TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH is end-end encryption model built on the blockchain which will be encrypting users’ communications the signal protocol. This timely solution will be designed using the open whisper system to ensure the solution with having to create an entirely new system.

By this provision, every individual who will be utilizing this system will be assured of an end-end encryption while sending and receiving messages or while simply making a call.


The following are the services in which every user of the platform stands to benefit from being a part of capital technologies and research.

  • A fully decentralized structure with no centralized service involved in the individual identification.
  • End-to-end encryption where only the users involved in a communication have access to the encrypted messages.
  • Privacy and security are ensured in the platform by an algorithm which provides various encryption keys on each message, putting an end to any form of attack which might be made against the system by not giving attackers a clear text of the messages even if they succeed in breaking through an encryption.

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The system will be utilizing a triple Diffie-Hellman key exchange as a means of initial key exchange through the blockchain which will improve its efficiency and animosity.

The system will be giving its users the ability to communicate with each other without the use of the any specialised infrastructure because all user device and node collectively makes the foundation.

To eliminate delay in conversations, nodes of the networks will not download the entire media before relaying it to the next nodes thereby eliminating the need for the system to store up a whole discussion into a node.

During a conversation, a node queries the network mesh to check for all possible ways to route the connection according to user preference, quality and security of the services.

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With CAPITAL TECHNOLOGIES AND RESEARCH, we can gladly say goodbye to the insecurities which have plagued the industry in present time, thereby giving birth a secure and reliable means by which users can send and receive messages.

Backed up by this innovative project, is a team of experience technologist who have what it takes to make sure the project becomes a success. Personally, I think this project will be of an immerse value to the society, and what better time it would be to be a part of this project than now while the project is offering out its ICO.


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