Just to think of it, what will online purchase look like if you are being paid for every purchase made on online stores! I guess having an online shopping agent that rewards you from every purchase made from online stores is one of the best things that has happened to purchase of goods from online stores.

DEALJOY is not just coming with a perfect reward system for online shoppers but it’s also bringing a whole new level of user’s privacy. In most part of my years as a consumer of online shopping, I never thought it would be possible to be paid from actually buying something online.

Online shopping has become a major trend of the day, Thank God for the internet, these days you be in your house and place your order on a product online and it will be delivered to your doors steps, “wow” that’s a lot of relief. The creation of online stores has made a lot of people rich, to tell you how much online market is doing, the richest man in the world today is the owner of AMAZON which is also an online shop. Multiple online stores have evolved over the years, the likes of AMAZON etc. there has also been an introduction of agents which helps in reaching out to these platforms though there have been lots of challenges.


  • Issues with exposed information: privacy has been a major challenge faced by consumers on the part of agents as consumers information are disclosed to third parties in between transactions.
  • Issues with an instant cash back system: there are currently lots of agent platforms involved in online stores that have tried the cashback reward system of consumers but consumers have been faced with challenges of getting their rewards in time, as a results of challenges faced by this platforms for proper identification etc. this delay in payment has made the cashback system of non-effect i.e. it makes the purpose of creating the cashback system useless.
  • The existing online shopping system lacks a good reward system that works, it takes too much time most times before getting paid. Some cash back system takes two to three months. Etc


DEALJOY NETWORK is a platform that connects online shoppers to online stores with the opportunity of cashback on every purchase made. DEALJOY is a platform that renders solutions that uses the ethereum blockchain technology to solve the fundamental problems of trust between DEALJOY network and its participant. The Dealjoy TCS Protocol requires its participants to stake a number of DEAL tokens to be part of the Dealjoy Net¬work and this staked collateral has made it possible for instant cashback. Dealjoy has the following as solutions.

  • Dealjoy offers a lot of advantage to the drop shippers as they have direct access to the delivery of goods directly to consumers.
  • Dealjoy offers a KYC system that enables easy identification of customers and this makes it easy for cashback without long recognition process.
  • This platform also favors affiliated merchant because it leads to an increase in customers. There is a huge tendency of return purchase due to an effective reward system of consumers
  • Consumer privacy is highly protected from third-party affiliations. Dealjoy offers lots more.

Why not partner with this project by joining the ICO today.

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