Imagine a system where you alone speak a language that others do not understand especially when it’s on a global platform, unbroken communication will be hard to earn. The experience of having a trading partner that doesn’t match your trading experience and cannot communicate effectively with you is one of the biggest challenges faced by a whole lot of traders especially the Middle East and Arabic traders and with the extremely growing rate of the cryptocurrency market, feeling out of place is very easy when communication strength with trading partners is very weak. This alone can drop your morale and deflate your enthusiasm for trading.


The crypto market has a consistent problem of severe lack of liquidity and market maker. A good number of traders on the digital market find it hard to trade with cryptocurrency, not to talk of accessing currencies that are not easily accessible on a platform which is unmistakably complex. In addition to this problem is the difficulty in finding a trading partner that understands you and appreciates your belief and ideas.


The best way to solving this problem is by providing customers and clients in the Middle East region with the reality of having others who can speak their language and understand their customs/belief and grant a technology of buying and selling into the fiat currency. Also, there is need to focus a cryptocurrency exchange with technologies that eliminate complications of trading in the Middle East/ Arabic regions to enhance long term foreign exchange operations.

The relevant answer to this problem is CRYPTOSOUK.


CryptoSouk is a leading financial technology company. With a simple, secure and reliable technology aimed at making digital currency available to customers by enhancing trading experience with quick trade execution including fair pricing and world-class customer service; features every trader desires for the best trading experience.

Cryptosouk offers the following solutions

  • A global and regional forex trading experience coupled with technologists and security experts that help deliver on the unique Arabic language opportunity.
  • A platform for the transfer of fiat currency in and out inexpensively.
  • Provision of relevant documentation that allows for a unique and frictionless user experience.
  • A launched platform in regions offering trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero.


The strategy employed by CryptoSouk is geared towards offering multiple features to customers such as:

  1. Native Charting.
  2. Institutional Grade security.
  3. Enterprise matching engine with an unmatchable ability to execute 1 million transactions per second.

And many more.

Finally, guys over a hundred open source projects with the aim to create decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges exist on the digital market and along with their advantages, there goes the oversight of user complexity and the complication of buying and selling into fiat currency. I encourage you to be a part of the CryptoSouk project for a pleasant trading experience that comes with a flexible access to the best packages on the digital market. The CRYPTOSOUK team is giving a fantastic opportunity to be part of this project by joining its ICO program.

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