The unique operating mode of the Blockchain has been the strong magnet that has attracted a lot of attention from different sectors all over the world. After its big break in 2009 when it successfully and continually power the Bitcoin (the world first digital currency) so many business merchant, companies, organizations, and government agencies started adopting this revolutionary technology to boost their operations and also create a new alternative payment means (use of cryptocurrency) thus giving rise to the digital currency world.

In the world today apart from the bitcoin there are over a thousand cryptocurrency use for several online transactional purposes ( used to purchase goods online, payment to access some specific services online etc.) with the most popular been trading with between digital currencies via digital asset trading/ exchange platform.

Despite the fact that many crypto investors and traders have been making fortunes from crypto trading overtime crypto trades have been rocked with several challenges which have led to so many of them (professional traders and learners) backing out from the crypto trading market which has thus hindered the geometric growth of the market. Some of this challenges include;

  • Inability to trade a wider range of fiat currency in most digital trading platforms.
  • Insufficient/complete absent of trading tools for trade analysis in most digital trading platforms hinders professional traders from carrying out effective analysis of the market.
  • Language barrier due to the fact most trading platform strictly English thus hindering those that don’t understand in English from fully participating.
  • Over Delay of transaction request which is due to the fact that most digital asset/ trading exchange platforms are not built to handle larger transactions which becomes a problem when the transaction demand on their platform increases beyond their capacity.
  • Limited funding options
  • Inability to directly convert digital assets to fiat in most digital asset exchange.


CRYPTOSOUK was conceived by a team consisting of highly experienced professionals with verifiable credentials, who after coming together to brainstorm lasting solution to the challenges faced by crypto trades came up with the CRYPTOSOUK project which is tipped to be the game changer that would rekindle the once lost interest in digital assets trading.

CRYPTOSOUK is a digital asset trading/exchange platform that comprises of a lot of exciting functionalities that favors every stakeholder in the crypto trading market. The CRYPTOSOUK platform was specially built with the aim of making crypto trading easy, more creative and accessible to all from any part of the world.


Below are some of the features that make the CRYPTOSOUK platform standout from other digital asset trading/exchange platforms;

  • The CRYPTOSOUK platform makes use of Institutional Grade security that combines cold/warm/hot wallet rule-based system to ensure complete security and safety of digital assets stored on its platform.
  • A high capacity matching engine capable of executing 1 million transactions per seconds to aid in fast transaction operation on it platform
  • Native Charting functionality.
  • Advanced APIs to that enables users to provide liquidity to others
  • Multiple integration abilities for KYC/AML, Banking/PSPs
  • Opportunity to trade digital assets with a wider range of fiat currency pairs,
  • Real-Time updates live order book with live spread calculation to aid in better deal entry.
  • Over 58 trading indicators including moving averages, oscillators etc. available for better market analysis.
  • Many trading analyzing ability like drawing of trendlines, pitchforks, multiple trade views etc.
  • An interactive UI feature to aid in the customizing of colors and style of bars, wick, price lines, backgrounds, and grid.

The CRYPTOSOUK digital trading/exchange platform is governed by its own ERC20 token called SOUK. The SOUK token is the official means of payment for service fee and new crypto listing fees on the CRYPTOSOUK platform, and can also be exchanged for fiat and other cryptocurrencies.

The CRYPTOSOUK team has put together a fantastic opportunity to be a part of its project via it ongoing ICO program.

For more detailed information and project updates please visit the links below:

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