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Hello guys! I’m very excited to share a mind-blowing opportunity I just came across while doing my normal business of scouting for genuine ICO project that prefers solutions to real-life challenges. via this project solution investors who are not the ones directly running their investment programs would be able to monitor and keep track of all transaction histories of their investment from an efficient, reliable and highly secured platform backed by Blockchain technology. Now isn’t that interesting!? Below is a brief review of this project.

Technological advancement and the continuous flows of innovations have not only brought about globalization, industrialization, civilization, and socialization but also created several opportunities for people to invest and make money like real estate, buying of shares, stock market, forex trading etc.

The emergence of Blockchain technology and digital currencies opened up another highly profiting ground for investment, with a lot of individuals benefiting immensely from investing in ICO programs and trading of digital assets.

Although despite the high rate of returns of most of the popular investment programs so many investors over time has suffered major loss of investments due to poor investment portfolio management. Which has prompted so many persons who really want to invest but lack the time and chance into seeking the services of portfolio managers, but this move brought about other challenges such as poor operational transparency of the portfolio managers, fraud and theft cases, poor access to investment and the inability for investors to keep track of all transactions made by his portfolio manager on his investment.


COTRADER is a well thought out project by a team of highly experienced individuals whose project goal is centered on creating a highly secured, efficient, trustworthy, reliable, transparent and decentralized platform to aid better management and profiting of investments.

COTRADER is Blockchain Technology powered platform that through which investors can monitor, control, manage and have real-time knowledge of all past returns on investment (ROI) from anywhere in the world.

COTRADER platform is specially designed to support a wide option of tradable assets such as digital assets, stocks, forex etc. via this platform investors also have the opportunity of employing the services of a professional portfolio manager/fund manager to help manage their investment with the COTRADER PLATFORM giving investors an eagled eyes to every of their employed fund manager activities onchain, of which the fund managers are rewarded percentages from the profits made from trading SMART FUNDS on decentralized exchanges.

The COTRADER platform is designed in such a way that its platform fund managers can only on decentralized exchanges where each of its activities is transparent for all, and also unable to make any direct trade with another address other than the one giving to by the investor. Some of the decentralized exchanges already integrated into the COTRADE platform are Bancor and Kyber with more to be considered as the platform progress.

In other to ensure transparency, smooth agreement compliance and completely kick out challenges associated with contract fraud and bridge between investors and fund managers the COTRADER TEAM integrated the smart contract technology to their platform operations. This ensures that fund managers can only take out only agreed upon percentage based on performance fee from profit and nothing else thus giving investors total safety and control of their funds at all times and also fund managers duly rewarded for their efforts.

Other amazing features of the COTRADE platform are;

  • An escrow feature that ensures complete safety of investors fund during transfer negotiations.
  • An ICO funds feature where users have the opportunity of investing and profiting from ICO project.
  • A fantasy funds gaming feature that gives users an opportunity to make extra cash by predicting the best performing cryptos, stocks etc. for the day. (For more details visit the whitepaper link below)

Below are some of the standout features and functionalities of the COTRADE platform to other of its counterparts;

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The COTRADER ecosystem is governed by its own token called COT. The COT token is the official transaction fee charge for accessing the diverse services and features on its platform.

The COTRADER project team has through open a fantastic opportunity to be a part of its great project via it ICO program.

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