Hello guys! I just came across a very exciting ICO project that would interest you all. This project is focused on creating an all in one app were users do not only enjoy all the unique functions that are never found on a single platform or app but also a highly secured and trusted marketplace with a wide functionality. Now isn’t that interesting? Below is a brief review of this project.


The internet is one of the greatest innovation of all times. Its creation has continually sparked up millions of innovations and technological improvement which are all helping to rebrand operations and also impacting life as we know it. Innovations like the online market (e-commerce) online social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.), digital currencies, Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence and a whole lot more are all products of the internet.

Today one major thing the internet has succeeded in doing is creating socialization, awareness, exposure, and ease in daily operations and activities around the world. Currently there are over a thousand internet backed apps and websites like facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, Alibaba, Konga, Amazon etc. used by people to carry out several activities online like buying and selling of goods and services, socializing with new people, interacting with friends and families, booking for event tickets etc. thus making the online social media platforms and e-commerce platforms one of the highest revenue generating industry in the world, that are worth billions of dollars.


Although despite the ever-growing impact both industries are currently having in the life of people around the world via thousands of its individual apps and platforms it would interest you to know that overtime so many users have been rocked with several challenges as regards the use of this platforms. Some of this challenges include;

  • Spending too much money (in form of data subscriptions) to download different apps to perform several social and market activities online.
  • High commission rate challenges for sellers making use of several e-commerce platforms thus causing the sellers to unwillingly increase their selling price.
  • Inactive and poor customer support responses system of most e-commerce and online social media platforms has left so many customers frustrated in times of need.
  • Most of the online market platforms lack the operational ability to combat customers defraud and deception cases by sellers making use of their platform.
  • The withdrawal complexity of most online market platforms at times has left so many sellers making use of this online market platforms frustrated during times of urgent need for money their due to delay.


After careful enumerating the challenges faced by users of both online communication and e-commerce platforms a team consisting of experienced professionals came to gather to brainstorm a lasting solution and came up with The BUZAR project.

BUZAR is a highly thought out project by a team of experienced professionals whose project is centered on creating a unique all in one online platform where users from any part of the world can find and enjoy any online activities (buying and selling, chatting, making new friends, information about events etc.) that are usually found on or accessed via different online platforms or apps.

The BUZAR platform is a multifunctional ecosystem that simultaneously combines the communication service and the universal Super-Marketplace thus creating a robust ecosystem with a wide range of functionalities to give its users an exciting communication experience over the NET and also help create a conducive and highly secured online business environment


The BUZAR platform was designed in such a way that it completely solve the challenges listed above via the integration of some amazing technologies and functionalities which are usually found on different platforms or apps, thus giving rise to platform were users logging in from any part of the world can quickly and simultaneously gain access to the capabilities, functionality of almost all social services that currently exist at the moment. Some of the BUZAR platform functionalities and services include;

  • A social network where users get to meet new people, make friends, create communities, groups and personal or public pages.
  • A Messenger which allows users to send text messages, make audio calls and video calls.
  • Communication over encrypted channels: this functionality gives users the opportunity to send private messages, photo, and documents via an encrypted channel.
  • Implementation of an “app in app” model that allows users enjoy direct access to the services of hundreds of companies and applications through BUZAR.
  • Data communication which enables users to send files, photos, and documents to your friends, families, business partners etc.
  • Music service Platform: This functionality enables users to store, reproduce and post online audio files. This functionality also gives users who are performers and creative content owners an opportunity of making money from posting what they have to offer on the BUZAR platform.
  • Video hosting and streams (broadcasts): This functionality enables users to share and publish video content with other users. Copyright owners also get rewarded for posting their content on the platform.
  • Events: this enables users to purchase tickets for concerts and other events.
  • An E-Commerce platform: this functionality enables users to carry out trading activities (with the lowest of commission fee charges for sellers) from any part of the world via a highly secured and trusted online marketplace backed by smart contracts.
  • Special Transaction Guarantee Service: This service ensures that sellers on the BUZAR supermarket get paid only after the successful execution or received delivery of their customers’ order.


The BUZAR ecosystem is governed by its own Erc20 token (BUZCOIN) which serve as the official means of payment on the BUZAR marketplace, means of reward and access to all the amazing functionalities and services on the BUZAR platform. And also the BUZCOIN can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and fiat on listed exchanges.

The BUZAR project team has decided to throw open a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of its project through its ongoing ICO program.

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Bitcointalk User Name: Kessylezul

Bitcointalkprofile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910183



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