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Blockchain Technology is gradually becoming one of the highly sorted out technology in the world today. Its mode of operation has been the strong attraction to this revolutionary innovation that has seen business merchants, financial institutions and government agencies adopting this technology to either aid in their operations or create an alternative payment means (cryptocurrency) thus giving rise to the continuous booming of the cryptocurrency world.

Today the cryptocurrency world has witnessed tremendous usage growth and popularity due to the ever-growing adoption by e-commerce platforms and many blockchain powered innovations as a means of payment to either access their services, buy things online etc. but what really played a major role in the continuous inflow of investors and strength of the crypto market is the introduction of digital assets exchange platforms.

The digital assets exchange platforms (act as a bank) aids in the storage and security of investors digitals assets and also aid in the quick exchange from one digital asset to another. Some the digital exchange platforms also have trading functionality (like Forex) that allows its users to trade divers cryptocurrency pairs in the crypto market.

Although despite the gradual growth of cryptocurrency usage and the fact that a lot of investors and individuals had made quite a fortune from crypto trading and investment over time so many of them have been greatly affected by unforeseen loopholes in so many exchange platforms and poor operational services all of which had not only led to huge losses of investors crypto assets but also scared a lot of investors from the market. Some of this challenges include;

  • The fact that most crypto exchange platforms operations are centralized makes them prone to hackers and cyber-attack. Thus accounting for several cases of stolen digital assets from exchange platforms
  • Poor/delayed transaction of most crypto exchange platforms has left so many investors and holders frustrated during the time of urgent need.
  • The Poor customer services operations of most crypto exchange platforms have also been a major challenge due to the fact that most at times investors facing challenges has to wait for days to get response to challenges that require a quick response.
  • The fact that most crypto exchange platforms are not multilingual makes it very difficult for investors who can’t really understand the platform choice language to effectively communicate thus hindering the patronage of such investors.


The BITHEMOTH project was birthed by a team of highly experienced professionals whose project goal is centered on creating a robust decentralized digital assets/trading platform with some amazing features to make digital assets trading more profitable, secure and accessible for everyone.

In other to achieve the project goals the BITHEMOTH project team designed it platform based on three core operational principles which are;


  • Kicking out the complicated processes involved in acquiring digital assets by creating several channels (use of debit cards, direct money transfer etc.) for easy purchase of digital assets thus making cryptocurrencies easily accessible and adopted by everyone.
  • Direct exchange of digital assets from fiat to crypto and verse.
  • Video explanations for easy understanding of each feature.
  • Brick and mortar locations.


  • Designed to be convenient for both new and seasoned investors.
  • A User-friendly interface that is convenient to access and use from a wide range of devices
  • Exciting and enhance user experience.


  • low trading fees
  • An ICO incubator feature that gives an opportunity for its platform users to invest in genuine ICO projects.
  • A highly secured crypto marketplace with effective portfolio managing tools for easy tracking and monitoring of all crypto assets at any time and places.
  • Integrated hardware wallets
  • Exchange debit cards.

The BITHEMOTH platform is backed by the Blockchain Technology, smart contracts and some other amazing functionalities (Two-Facture Authentication, DDOS protection, Cold storage wallet etc) integrated into it robust ecosystem to improve operation transparency, efficiency, transaction speed, trustworthiness, security/safety of stored digital assets, personal data and every operations carried out on it platform.

Below is a picture showing some of the standout features of the BITHEMOTH platform compared to other crypto exchange platforms.

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The BITHEMOTH ecosystem is governed by its own ERC20 token called BHM coin, which is the official means of payment to access and enjoy the various services the platform has to offer. The BITHEMOTH project team has also put together a quarterly BHM coin buyback plan (destroying buyback) using a portion of the profits generated during its operation which by so doing would limit the number of BHM coin in supply and eventually lead to an increase in token value.

The BITHEMOTH project team has put together a wonderful opportunity to be a part of it project via its ICO program.

For more detailed information, project updates and how to participate in the ICO program visit the links



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