Man is known to continuously grow in knowledge and its innovations, and that has also been the case for new technologies and platforms because without growth, a once efficient technology or platform will soon become inefficient.

Since the inception the blockchain, we have seen various other industries integrate the blockchain solutions into their own industries or industries fully built on the blockchain, thereby providing a new income stream for individuals.

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Cryptocurrency trading has provided a major means of creating wealth for both individuals and nations. However, the current crypto trading industry have begun to suffer various challenges due to its inability to grow and expand in other to make room for new innovations and users who come onboard the industry on a daily basis.


The following are challenges which have plagued the industry in the recent months and years:

  • Poor customer service: traders put millions worth of asset in the hands of trading platforms, which provide these platforms means of making profit through fees. Therefore, one would expect trading platforms would provide a 24/7 customer service which will attend to customer needs but sadly many exchanges lack this.
  • Poor technical architecture: crypto trading platforms most times employ the services of programmers which have no or little experience in exchange operations and frameworks. Hence, these programmers make use of frameworks which becomes problematic for users and the platform as it grows.
  • Insecurity: with the rate at which crypto exchanges now suffer from security challenges such as hacks and theft, many have begun to wonder if the blockchain really is secure. But these challenges are basically loopholes which trading platforms fail to see and fix.
  • Lack of a fiat channel: in existing trading platforms, there have been a lack of the means by which traders can withdraw their crypto assets in fiat currency or make deposits directly to the platforms using fiats.


AXNET is the world first hybrid crypto exchange platform, a true centralized and decentralized crypto exchange platform void of all the challenges which have plagued the existing crypto trading platforms, and providing the needed innovation in the industry today.

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The AXNET platform will be using high performance matching engine for smooth centralized trading and a hybrid mechanism for off-chain settlement for decentralized trading.

  • The AXNET platform will be making use of various security protocols which will ensure the security of customer assets, they will also have a team of penetration testers which will run continuous test on the platform to check for vulnerabilities which will therefore be fixed with outmost urgency.
  • The AXNET platform will be making the needs of their customers a priority, thereby creating a 24/7 customer service channel which will be responsible for taking care of the dire needs of customers by providing them with prompt solutions to all their problems.
  • The AXNET platform is being built by a team of experience developers who have adequate knowledge in the creation of exchange operations and framework, thereby resulting in the creation of a platform which will not be susceptible to hacks due to the vast number of users and transaction in the system.
  • The AXNET platform will also create a channel which will enable customers to be able to withdraw their crypto assets directly to their individual country fiat currency and also be able to buy assets using the same currency. The platform intends to begin with major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP and JPY and intends to increase the database of accepted currencies in due time.

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With the benefits in which this AXNET platform will be bringing into the crypto trading industry, I believe it will not only help current crypto traders, but will also aid in the drive to cryptocurrency gaining mainstream adoption by bringing many more users who never wanted the hassles of crypto to fiat complexities into the industry.

This AXNET platform I believe will serve you right, if you become a part of it!!!! The AXNET team are ready to have you as an integral member of the AXNET project.

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