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Today the world had moved to the digital age, with virtual everything such as shopping, watching movies, sharing of music, reading journals, news, gaming etc. now done online via thousands of mobile apps, online platforms, websites, streaming channels etc.

According to an online findings it would interest you to know that millions of people around the world visit the internet once every day either to chat with lovers, make new friends, search for information, check/read the latest news, download digital contents etc. but it would also interest you to know that out of the millions of digital contents online only a few digital content creators get rewarded/paid for sharing their creation online. and it so sad that the few digital content owners who receive pay due to placing the contents on popular online platforms don’t really get paid what is commensurate to exposure of their content and are usually handicapped when it comes to the control of exposure of their digital contents, but a team of highly experience professionals have come up with a lasting solution that would not only revolutionize the digital content market but also create a fair ground for but digital content creators and their lovers. Please allow me to introduce you to ASOBI PLATFORM.


ASOBI is a well thought out project by a highly experienced team of professionals whose project is aimed at creating a decentralized market platform to aid easy buying and selling of digital contents online. The ASOBI project team adopted the Blockchain Technology to ensure absolute security of its platform operations, improve transparency, efficiency, and operational integrity in a decentralized ecosystem free from manipulation, content theft and so on.

The ASOBI platform is designed in such a way that digital content owners can easily sell their contents such as comics, gaming items, music etc. directly to a fans/lovers of their contents. That is to say with the ASOBI platform digital content owners can now get the direct monetary value of their contents, with content owners having the full right to negotiate directly without going through any third party.


It’s a common knowledge that digital content services do not give licenses to users, which makes it impossible to resell, and at times you find users losing access to their bought digital contents in cases of operational short down of content creators. But with the ASOBI market users buying digital contents are given license of such content (which are guaranteed through DRM, Decentralized Security System) which gives them the opportunity of resell their bought content via the ASOBI secondary market with other parties like the original content creator, publisher, developer, author etc. also receiving percentage benefit from the resell with all this activities visible on the Blockchain, thus creating a fair and profiting ground for every stakeholders in the digital content marketplace.

The picture below shows the ASOBI market at a glance

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The ASOBI platform has a very exciting wallet system that enables its platform users to easily carry out their digital content trading operations in a highly secured and transparent manner. The ASOBI wallet has both the publisher store and secondary market functionality which enables it platform users such as publishers and developers to enjoy the privilege of placing their digital contents (e-books, game items, music, videos etc.) in the publisher store for other interested users to buy with also an opportunity to resell and also buy used content via the secondary market at a lower prices with all payment transaction done using the ASOBI Coin which are then stored in the users ASOBI wallet.

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The ASOBI Coin (ABX) is the official means of transaction via the ASOBI market ecosystem. It is also a means of access to other exciting features the platform has to offer and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrency and fiat currency on listed exchange platforms.

Currently, the project team has thrown open a once in a lifetime opportunity via it ongoing bonus packed ICO program.

For more information about this project and updates please follow the links below:

Web  Telegram  Twitter  Facebook  Whitepaper Link: https://asobimo.io/pdf/white_paper_en.pdf


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Our lives have become so intertwined with the Internet that one cannot dream of a world without it. It hasn’t been too long ago that the thought of the Internet was seen as a complex and difficult thing to achieve, but today, we have social networks, emails, messengers and lots more. This will only continue to grow and by so doing, our existence on this planet will continue to be made more fun and pleasant.

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Taking social media into consideration, it has been estimated that over 3 billion people are active users of social media. People use this platform to post articles, create music and videos and also share them. New relationships have been formed on social media and old ones have been rekindled. So, we can see that this is really a way of life now for people and it can also serve as a means of livelihood with the right platform.


In the world today, data is more valuable than crude oil because it carries a lot of potential in it. That is why there is a lot of data mining going on and people are being treated as commodities. People are used to generate traffic for companies through advert campaigns and most of the time it is done without their consent. In addition, content creators do not receive their just compensation for their work. For these purposes came the creation of FORESTING.


Foresting is a decentralized social network that will allow their clients to design, produce and distribute their contents and receive adequate compensation for them.

Foresting is well equipped to solve the following problems:

Lack of security for the personal information and data of users.

Circulation of unverified and incorrect information.

Availability of unrelated and irrelevant contents.

Unverified users.

The above issues and a lot more will be taken care of by Foresting. The presence of the blockchain technology in the design of Foresting will make the elimination of these problems a possibility.

Even though Foresting is surrounded by other projects similar in functionality, Foresting stands out due to its innovative features with the latest technologies.

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What are those unique features which Foresting has to dominate the social networking industry? Let’s consider some of them below:

Users will be able to perform trading activities online.

With their rating system, users will able to evaluate contents.

Financial services will be provided for clients.

Users of the platform who create contents will be fairly rewarded.

Transactions will happen between peers in a P2P network arrangement.


From the informations provided about Foresting, I’ve come to see the potentials in the platform. Foresting is not just promising, it is an innovation that will provide a better experience for users through their social media platform. Foresting is a product everyone should get behind because they will use the blockchain technology to revolutionize social networking.

Now that you know much better about the Foresting project, it’s time for you to invite your peeps and colleagues to become a major part of the Foresting project.







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The blockchain as we know it, is disrupting the way things are being done in various areas of our lives and industries. You will have to agree with me that the blockchain makes whatever it touches better.

The freelancing industry for example, fellow freelancers like myself will agree with me that the blockchain and its smart contract will ultimately make the industry better and more rewarding.

Today various prominent industries are already keying into this disruptive technology in other to make their industries better, but the construction industry which is of great importance to us has not been able to employ the use of this technology because of its lack of a general marketplace.

Construction contractors worldwide have faced various problems due to the lack of a marketplace and that is the sole reason BUILDERIUM is using blockchain technology to create a global marketplace for the construction industry.


The construction contractors till this day still rely on old fashioned or basic mediums of communications and advertising with no global platform made for the purpose of connecting contractors to clients.

This old-fashion means of advertising is really expensive and can only be afforded by large construction companies which also end up raising the cost price for them to carry out any form of construction. This have greatly affected independent contractors and small construction companies who can’t afford such high cost advert channels, as well as customers who can’t afford to pay high prices for their constructions.

This has therefore led to individual contractors and small construction companies to utilize local means of advert which does to really put their face on the map. Also, this has led to customers not being able to know the reliability of contractors before employing their services because this advert channels lack a review system.



BUILDERUIM with the help of the disruptive features of blockchain, is creating a decentralized and transparent global marketplace where construction contractors (small, medium and large construction companies) will be able to advertise themselves and their business.

This platform will come with a rating system and niche identifier which will enable customers to be able to employ the best help they need for their construction projects for the best price.


BUILDERIUM is a full featured construction platform which is aimed at connecting clients with construction contractors while ensuring quality and affordability. BUILDERIUM will be bringing massive benefits to the following set of persons:

  • Construction service providers
  • Construction service customers
  • Marketers

The platform will be open for all and millions of participants will be able sell their services, buy services and market their companies/industries. The blockchain distributed ledger protocol will enable for the removal of third-party services on the platform and will allow for the completion of project as agreed by the clients and contractors with the use of blockchain smart contract.


  • Kitchen remodelling
  • Bathroom redesigning
  • Resident and commercial apartment construction
  • Roof remodelling and much more

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In other to facilitate a secure means of payment and a payment system which will be managed with the use of smart contract, the platform will have its own cryptocurrency which will be used as a mode of payment on the platform.

The platform is currently offering the BUILD Token as an initial token offering for those getting on board the system before its launch, I believe this poses the best opportunity to accumulate enough token for future use.






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Hello guys! I’m very excited to share a mind-blowing opportunity I just came across while doing my normal business of scouting for genuine ICO project that prefers solutions to real-life challenges. via this project solution investors who are not the ones directly running their investment programs would be able to monitor and keep track of all transaction histories of their investment from an efficient, reliable and highly secured platform backed by Blockchain technology. Now isn’t that interesting!? Below is a brief review of this project.

Technological advancement and the continuous flows of innovations have not only brought about globalization, industrialization, civilization, and socialization but also created several opportunities for people to invest and make money like real estate, buying of shares, stock market, forex trading etc.

The emergence of Blockchain technology and digital currencies opened up another highly profiting ground for investment, with a lot of individuals benefiting immensely from investing in ICO programs and trading of digital assets.

Although despite the high rate of returns of most of the popular investment programs so many investors over time has suffered major loss of investments due to poor investment portfolio management. Which has prompted so many persons who really want to invest but lack the time and chance into seeking the services of portfolio managers, but this move brought about other challenges such as poor operational transparency of the portfolio managers, fraud and theft cases, poor access to investment and the inability for investors to keep track of all transactions made by his portfolio manager on his investment.


COTRADER is a well thought out project by a team of highly experienced individuals whose project goal is centered on creating a highly secured, efficient, trustworthy, reliable, transparent and decentralized platform to aid better management and profiting of investments.

COTRADER is Blockchain Technology powered platform that through which investors can monitor, control, manage and have real-time knowledge of all past returns on investment (ROI) from anywhere in the world.

COTRADER platform is specially designed to support a wide option of tradable assets such as digital assets, stocks, forex etc. via this platform investors also have the opportunity of employing the services of a professional portfolio manager/fund manager to help manage their investment with the COTRADER PLATFORM giving investors an eagled eyes to every of their employed fund manager activities onchain, of which the fund managers are rewarded percentages from the profits made from trading SMART FUNDS on decentralized exchanges.

The COTRADER platform is designed in such a way that its platform fund managers can only on decentralized exchanges where each of its activities is transparent for all, and also unable to make any direct trade with another address other than the one giving to by the investor. Some of the decentralized exchanges already integrated into the COTRADE platform are Bancor and Kyber with more to be considered as the platform progress.

In other to ensure transparency, smooth agreement compliance and completely kick out challenges associated with contract fraud and bridge between investors and fund managers the COTRADER TEAM integrated the smart contract technology to their platform operations. This ensures that fund managers can only take out only agreed upon percentage based on performance fee from profit and nothing else thus giving investors total safety and control of their funds at all times and also fund managers duly rewarded for their efforts.

Other amazing features of the COTRADE platform are;

  • An escrow feature that ensures complete safety of investors fund during transfer negotiations.
  • An ICO funds feature where users have the opportunity of investing and profiting from ICO project.
  • A fantasy funds gaming feature that gives users an opportunity to make extra cash by predicting the best performing cryptos, stocks etc. for the day. (For more details visit the whitepaper link below)

Below are some of the standout features and functionalities of the COTRADE platform to other of its counterparts;

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The COTRADER ecosystem is governed by its own token called COT. The COT token is the official transaction fee charge for accessing the diverse services and features on its platform.

The COTRADER project team has through open a fantastic opportunity to be a part of its great project via it ICO program.

Visit the links below for more information/updates about this project:

Website Link: https://cotrader.com//

Whitepaper Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-PyD1B2Z5Fb6mxi7RV9IHc_9X0BXzQFb-muXVYBjxQ8/edit#

Telegram Link: https://t.me/cotrader

Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/cotrader_com

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/cotrader/


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The transaction that occurs between fiat currency and cryptocurrency currently happens on OTC centralized trading platforms. In most countries, there is no laid down laws or rules concerning the use of cryptocurrency and this translates to an unsupervised use of cryptocurrency without any regulations or licenses.

As a result, those who make use of such platforms are completely responsible for the safety of their assets and data. On the other hand, the platform can tamper with prices of transactions for the purpose of making more profits.


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Vena Network plans to design a decentralized cryptocurrency financing and exchange platform through the use of Vena Protocol. Vena Protocol is based on the blockchain and is open source which will enable users to conduct transactions with cryptocurrency and fiat money and to also obtain loans with cryptocurrency serving as the collateral without needing any third party agents.

The Vena Network increases the trust of users and helps them make the most of the crypto market and also to shield them from dishonest traders and price fluctuations caused by market volatility.

For the Vena Network to actually be successful, there are two roles that are essential to the Vena nodes they are Vena Appraiser and Vena Relayer. The Vena nodes can either contain one role or the combination of both of them or it can have the different service providers in the market.

Vena makes use of different technologies such as on-chain settlement and off-chain relay to bring about equilibrium during transactions and to ensure top security and efficiency in the process, also they help to make the cost of transactions to be reduced.

As a result, trading orders containing encrypted signatures passes through the off-chain channels and on the other hand, value transfers bring about on-chain transactions. Users can include a single or double orders to the contract to make sure that the smart contract completes the transaction.

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Accurate market data is one of the functions of the Vena transaction market where users can receive accurate data and also transparent and fair loan guarantees and OTC transactions. The market nodes of each VENA transaction has the potential of making profit by making available financial services to users and for this reason each of these nodes are a stand-alone entity.

Those who choose the Vena Protocol will be able to use various digital assets on the platform such as ERC20, EOS, ETH, BTC, BCH and many more that will be added in time to come. Transactions between fiat money and cryptocurrency, as well as collateral loan will be supported on the platform.

Vena will only support transfers of fiat currency that are irreversible so that there will be little or no risk of refund. The exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency is protected on the Vena Network by a mechanism called distributed jury network.

In summary, Vena Network was created to restore integrity into the financial industry and to ensure that the cryptocurrency needs of people are met with a secure exchange platform that will protect their interest in the crypto market.

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Website : http://vena.network/en

Telegram : https://t.me/vena_network

Twitter : https://twitter.com/VenaProtocol

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Vena-Network-207271413455484/

Github : https://github.com/venanetwork

Whitepaper: http://whitepaper-en.vena.network/

Username: Inene

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The blockchain has been adopted by many industries and it is capable of revolutionizing the social media industry by creating a more secure platform for users interaction and to give people control over their data.

With cryptocurrency, the social media industry can be transformed to operate more transparently but many people are yet to be engaged with cryptocurrencies. That is why ONe Network has designed their own cryptocurrency called Onebit token which will be used to support decentralized apps and it will work together with top cryptocurrency wallets.

ONe stands on three core principles for the design and growth of social network and they are:

PRIVACY: ONe believes that all social media users are entitled to privacy and no one should deny them that. With their platform, users will get their privacy back and advertiser will no longer have the opportunity to violate their data privacy.

CONTROL: ONe will help their users control the access other people have to their posts. This will be achieved through features made available on the ONe platform to restrict audience and also to make certain posts either private or public.

FREEDOM: ONe will give all their users freedom through anonymity and this option will be applicable to all their activities and interactions.

There is no cryptocurrency system currently set up for interactions between people but with the use of blockchain, a decentralized and secure social network supported with tokens is a possibility. ONe wants to use the blockchain to provide a social platform where users will have privacy and control over their data.


PRIVACY: ONe came into existence to restore privacy to consumers and at the same time give them the best of social experiences while keeping their account and data safe. ONe let’s users choose from two options, private or public, with which they can control access to their contents and feeds from other platform users.

OPT-IN ADVERTISING: On the platform, all advertising will be by consent from users. This feature will be easy to use as users will be able to participate in an advertising campaign and they can also discontinue at will. Those who participate for any advertising campaign will receive rewards in the form of Onebit Tokens.

MARKETPLACE: ONe Network will combine social media and e-commerce on one platform for the purpose of generating interests and income. They have designed a marketplace where digital services will be obtained such as music, entertainment, arts etc and in future, real world goods will be added.


Image result for one social network icoONe Network will bring about decentralization into the social media sector and be a solution to the security and safety concerns of users.

This platform will make sure that users are no longer used as a means of revenue from their sold data, rather they will be treated with the best customer service.

This project is indeed one to watch out for because it will change the current social media industry by decentralization and a trusted tokenized economy which will guarantee a complete 100% transparency.

Official website: https://www.onesocialnetwork.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ONeSocial_Net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-ONe-Network-215684259015103/?modal=admin_todo_tour
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Ho-YFg43JkoeeC-fuDfw9g
Whitepaper: https://www.onesocialnetwork.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/V-1.6-ONe_Whitepaper.compressed-1.pdf

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In the construction industry, contractors with low qualifications manage to slip through the verification process because the conventional system which they still make use of is flawed and old. These workers have little skill and can pose a great danger to those who hired them.

The construction workers still make use of a networking arrangement whereby their colleagues notify them of new jobs whenever it is available. This method is old and will soon no longer work.

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Technology has changed the way people do and see things and various industries are experiencing growth margins that were sometimes described as impossible. Despite the technological innovation in the construction business, some problems still persist.


The industry has a challenge with payment structure and also work quality and this has made both clients and construction workers to have trust issue towards each other. Builderium will rectify this situation by introducing a payment structure that is both secure and trustworthy. Third party agencies will not be needed anymore on the platform because they charge high rates for their services. By so doing, Builderium will give workers and clients a reason to believe in the industry once again.

Also, the problem of price bidding will be made simple on the Builderium platform because jobs will be allocated through this bidding process. Construction workers will present the amount they need to complete a job and the clients will also decide on who handles their projects based on the experience and skill of the worker.

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The problem of reputation will be solved once third-party agents are removed because they contribute to the reason why unqualified construction workers get to participate in the industry. Builderium will make sure that only the right people for the job are found on their platform.


Builderium has designed a token to be used on their platform to make payment secure, within and across border, and to make the process instantaneous for all parties involved. A smart contract will be used by the platform to eliminate middlemen who usually take as much as 4-20% commission for every transaction.

Builderium will also serve as an advert placing stage where building contractors can show the world their trade. In the past, middlemen used to be paid a large sum to handle this service, but not anymore as Builderium will make the process cheaper and more efficient for their platform users.

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Builderium will ensure that all payments occur fast and as at when due through their tokenized economy. Also, construction workers will experince a greater level of work exposure because they will be getting better projects which will come as a result of the rating system on the platform where positive remarks are used to describe the work of a construction worker. Through this rating system, clients will develop trust for their hired construction workers and the workers will strive to do better than their last job in order to continue receiving positive reviews.


A secure payment system

Wider customer base of clients from all over the world

Security of assets and properties facilitated by the blockchain technology.


Builderium will take the building community to greater heights with the use of blockchain technology and all services rendered in the industry will experience a newness to the satisfaction of clients and profitability of the construction workers.

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This is a decentralized ecosystem that is multi-functional in its operations, purposely designed to eliminate irregularities in the mobile games industry.

This platform is AI enabled which automatically separates it from any other similar platform. The workings of the platform is that of a complex processor and it is absolutely the best yet in the gaming sector.

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BGX aims to make gaming more personalized for players and also to help them make profits in the process. The way BGX is designed allows for automated processing by artificial intelligence and all this is towards a goal which is to make the billion dollar gaming industry decentralized.

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Game developers will have complete control over their services and this will be made possible because BGX platform is equipped with a range of functions that will make developers have easy control of their activities on platform.

This platform allows the use of cryptocurrency and helps developers move their ideas from the intangible phase to a tangible one by helping them to develop them. Developers on the platform will have the opportunity to turn their games into money making ventures and also other revenue earning functionalities on the platform will ensure that users of the platform have a rewarding experience.

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Players will be given the opportunity to earn money as they do what they love, gaming. As they play games and share them, they can be rest assured of additional income. Gamers will be able to send money from one party to the other through the use of digital wallets and also players will be privileged to access overdraft, bonuses and also to feature in game competitions for prizes and rewards.

Third party App in stores will open up a channel for more audience participation and by so doing will help to distribute the BGX app. Token holders will earn good returns on their investment in the BGX crypto enabled platform. As the revenue of BGX continues to grow, the token holders will get a share of the revenue.


BGX is actually a platform that has the desire to provide the game industry with solutions that will help their growth and success. The platform also operates with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and blockchain networks. Players and game developers will all have equal opportunity to buy and sell using the app marketplace and also to make contact with millions of gamers all over the globe.

BGX protects their users from any malicious attack and makes their platform accessible for just a 10% fee which can be redeemed with their token.

Image result for bgx ico

The strategy which is being adopted by the BGX team has proven beyond every other reasonable doubt, that the project is being handled by experts and professionals who have amassed decade long experiences in the gaming industry, and have been an integral part of the crypto currency community.

BGX will go beyond eliminating the current limitations in the gaming industry, it sill further takes the cake towards helping people find their true passions in the gaming industry, and help them become better gamers.

Website: https://bgx.ai/
Whitepaper: https://bgx.ai/documents/BGX_White_Paper_1.0.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/bgx_group
Twitter : https://twitter.com/BGXGlobal
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bgxglobal/
Github: https://github.com/BGXTechnology/BGX
Medium : https://medium.com/@bgxglobal

This content was written by Me: Aaamira

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Blockchain Technology is gradually becoming one of the highly sorted out technology in the world today. Its mode of operation has been the strong attraction to this revolutionary innovation that has seen business merchants, financial institutions and government agencies adopting this technology to either aid in their operations or create an alternative payment means (cryptocurrency) thus giving rise to the continuous booming of the cryptocurrency world.

Today the cryptocurrency world has witnessed tremendous usage growth and popularity due to the ever-growing adoption by e-commerce platforms and many blockchain powered innovations as a means of payment to either access their services, buy things online etc. but what really played a major role in the continuous inflow of investors and strength of the crypto market is the introduction of digital assets exchange platforms.

The digital assets exchange platforms (act as a bank) aids in the storage and security of investors digitals assets and also aid in the quick exchange from one digital asset to another. Some the digital exchange platforms also have trading functionality (like Forex) that allows its users to trade divers cryptocurrency pairs in the crypto market.

Although despite the gradual growth of cryptocurrency usage and the fact that a lot of investors and individuals had made quite a fortune from crypto trading and investment over time so many of them have been greatly affected by unforeseen loopholes in so many exchange platforms and poor operational services all of which had not only led to huge losses of investors crypto assets but also scared a lot of investors from the market. Some of this challenges include;

  • The fact that most crypto exchange platforms operations are centralized makes them prone to hackers and cyber-attack. Thus accounting for several cases of stolen digital assets from exchange platforms
  • Poor/delayed transaction of most crypto exchange platforms has left so many investors and holders frustrated during the time of urgent need.
  • The Poor customer services operations of most crypto exchange platforms have also been a major challenge due to the fact that most at times investors facing challenges has to wait for days to get response to challenges that require a quick response.
  • The fact that most crypto exchange platforms are not multilingual makes it very difficult for investors who can’t really understand the platform choice language to effectively communicate thus hindering the patronage of such investors.


The BITHEMOTH project was birthed by a team of highly experienced professionals whose project goal is centered on creating a robust decentralized digital assets/trading platform with some amazing features to make digital assets trading more profitable, secure and accessible for everyone.

In other to achieve the project goals the BITHEMOTH project team designed it platform based on three core operational principles which are;


  • Kicking out the complicated processes involved in acquiring digital assets by creating several channels (use of debit cards, direct money transfer etc.) for easy purchase of digital assets thus making cryptocurrencies easily accessible and adopted by everyone.
  • Direct exchange of digital assets from fiat to crypto and verse.
  • Video explanations for easy understanding of each feature.
  • Brick and mortar locations.


  • Designed to be convenient for both new and seasoned investors.
  • A User-friendly interface that is convenient to access and use from a wide range of devices
  • Exciting and enhance user experience.


  • low trading fees
  • An ICO incubator feature that gives an opportunity for its platform users to invest in genuine ICO projects.
  • A highly secured crypto marketplace with effective portfolio managing tools for easy tracking and monitoring of all crypto assets at any time and places.
  • Integrated hardware wallets
  • Exchange debit cards.

The BITHEMOTH platform is backed by the Blockchain Technology, smart contracts and some other amazing functionalities (Two-Facture Authentication, DDOS protection, Cold storage wallet etc) integrated into it robust ecosystem to improve operation transparency, efficiency, transaction speed, trustworthiness, security/safety of stored digital assets, personal data and every operations carried out on it platform.

Below is a picture showing some of the standout features of the BITHEMOTH platform compared to other crypto exchange platforms.

Image result for bithemoth ico



The BITHEMOTH ecosystem is governed by its own ERC20 token called BHM coin, which is the official means of payment to access and enjoy the various services the platform has to offer. The BITHEMOTH project team has also put together a quarterly BHM coin buyback plan (destroying buyback) using a portion of the profits generated during its operation which by so doing would limit the number of BHM coin in supply and eventually lead to an increase in token value.

The BITHEMOTH project team has put together a wonderful opportunity to be a part of it project via its ICO program.

For more detailed information, project updates and how to participate in the ICO program visit the links



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Trading in forex or cryptocurrency is something which demands great expertise and skills in other for one to have great experience in the industry, but with the emergence of trading bots, traders or individuals with no much skills or experience in trading can now trade efficiently.

Trading robots are programs in a computer which utilizes various indicators to automatically perform trades on trader’s behalf. Since the emergence of trading bots, the crypto trading industry is now filled with dozens of various trading bots, from free trading to expensive paid bots.

These bots differ based on their quality, usability and profitability and so far, the trading robots in the industry have not given users maximum opportunity to make profit and that is why LH CRYPTO META TRADER 5 software is here for you.


The platform is set to give traders various tools in their trading quest and one of such tools is a code of base which will provide traders with well up to 6000 trading robots and technical indicators which will work hand in hand with trading signals which the platform will still be providing.


Getting trading signals have been done majorly outside trading platforms which have resulted in traders subscribing to ingenuine signals who either give fake signals or do not give any at all, therefore making most traders lose their funds.

Image result for lhcrypto ico

With the META TRADER 5 software, traders will have access to various trading accounts which can be monitored on the platform and provide traders a means by which they will be able to select signal providers based of successful trades from these accounts and also enable them to become signal providers on their own with a monthly fee subscription.

Users will have full access to signal providers trading history which will enable them to know the best signal providers to subscribe to, once individual subscribes to trading signal, his trading bots can automatically make use of the signal in trading.

Like I mentioned earlier, the code of base will provide traders with up to 6000 various robots which can be downloaded for free, not to mention the platforms hedging financial system which will enable traders to perform multiple trading transactions using various trading robots at the same time on the same or opposite directions.

Image result for lhcrypto ico

With the use of the platforms rental virtual servers, traders will be able to perform automated trading simply by selecting their favourite hosting sites, thereby providing them with a 24/7 trading opportunity using their bots and copied signals.

In other to test robots’ efficiencies, usability and profitability, the platform has also created a strategy tester which will be used for testing robots on their platform before employing their services in trading.


Based on the game changing benefits in which this platform will bring into the crypto trading industry, I strongly recommend that you use this platform to facilitate all your crypto trading activities as this platform is set to revolutionize the industry with its innovative features and tools.

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